Illuvium Archeleon Animal Attacks & Rejuvenasis Battle Powers Gameplay Guide | Illuviary Nature Psion Class In DAO Crypto NFT Game

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For seemingly countless miles, the southeastern edge of the eastern continent lays against a narrow stretch of ocean. It’s the closest point of land to the wall of crystal at the edge of the world. Due to this proximity, it would seem that the minerals which did not fully develop into the ring of crystal surrounding the world, were carried by the waves to wash up on the crystal shores. On this glittering coast of crystal debris, one can find some of the most powerful Illuvials, many of which enjoy a peaceful existence on the vast expanse of sparkling dunes.


Illuviary Archeleon Character Biology

The benevolent Archeleon has a monstrous appearance that belies its peaceful disposition. Archeleon, the obvious third stage of its shelled line of gentle aquatic healers, has more palpably mystical healing power. Shining with soft green glows that peek out from various crannies, it emanates a tranquil aura that can feel almost comforting to receive. Its phosphorescent, wise eyes have this same light, hinting at aged wisdom. Archeleon’s shell looks like a speckled red mushroom cap with a slight hump in the middle. From head to feet, it is covered in splotches of dark barnacles from its huge, paw-like front flippers, all the way to the tip of its tails.

Purple, sea-weed like tendrils grow out of various nooks, which are highly sensitive feelers Archeleon uses to both sense danger, or transmit healing or nourishing energy when activated. Its forepaws are two times bigger than its hind paws, so that it looks like it has a retracted stance. This is because Archeleon is attuned to the vibrations and germination energy that wafts up from the ground, deep within the planet. Perhaps its paws’ contact directly with the soil is one battery source of Archeleon’s transcendently restorative light.

Illuviary Archeleon Affinity / Class

Nature Psion

Illuviary Archeleon Basic Attack

Archeleon’s front paws are actually flippers, capable of graceful mobility in the water. But in battle mode, they act as paddle-like energy conductors, and fill with potent, volatile green force, which it can sling across the field to stun and disorient opponents.

Illuviary Archeleon Critical Attack

Archeleon’s more powerful version of its basic energy blast can be an even more concentrated, and substantially larger, ball of highly volatile green energy. It spends some time charging up this boulder, then cannon blasts it directly to its opponents to stagger and subdue them.

Illuviary Archeleon Ultimate Ability — Rejuvenasis

Archeleon starts to radiate in a shimmering green aura. It is summoning from within an outward force field emanating expansive ephemeral energy. Tendrils of plant life spring up from the ground around its feet, as all natural growth protocols turn hyperactive when exposed to Archeleon’s surging forces of healing.

It also channels this natural energy up through the ground in its flippers, transmuting it into externalized elemental energy fields via its own special, mysterious body. The secret seems to be linked to its shell as a major reservoir and converter of power.

In a final flash, a corona of light ripples out in all directions: healing allies, confounding enemies, and bathing the entire vicinity in resplendence. It is a sight to behold, and an unforgettable display of grace, restoration, and the full maturity of Archeleon’s gifts.

Illuviary Archeleon Key Attributes

  • Ability
  • Power
  • Efficiency

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