Ethereum Based Verasity(VRA) Coin’s 3X Volume Growth After Bitfinex & KuCoin Listing 2022 | NFT Marketplace, Veraverse Trends in The Cryptosphere

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Verasity offers its platform to esports and the video entertainment industry in general, and its VRA token serves as a currency for online gaming. Verasity (VRA) was developed with the purpose of creating a fair system for content creators to earn money. The Ethereum based crypto with proof-of-value (PoV) offers a variety of use cases, which is similar to gaming platforms like PUBG. The platform has integrated support for Twitch, Vimeo and other online streaming platforms.

As a result, PoV prevents illicit actors from manipulating audience metrics and view counts. Accordingly, the data reflects the views and is not manipulated. The VRA crypto project’s whitepaper states that its mission is to not only increase engagement, but also advertising revenue for video publishers. Verasity token was up by over 13% on Tuesday, with a volume gain of over 300%.

Verasity to share protocol updates through Bitfinex Pulse Newscast Service

The Verasity crypto is rallying on the back of its Bitfinex listing on 30 May. Verasity will now be able to share the latest protocol developments with members of the Bitfinex community through the Bitfinex Pulse newscast service. This listing comes just weeks after it announced its NFT marketplace, VeraVerse, which has been popular in the cryptosphere. Bitfinex will open the deposits only on 1 June, and the trading is expected to begin on 7 June, even though the listing takes place on Monday. Additionally to Bitfinex, the token was listed on the KuCoin exchange and trading began on 30 May in the pair VRA/USDC.

Verasity crypto token rises by 13.45% post new DEX listings

According to CoinGecko, the 491-ranked token has enjoyed a rally of over 1.1% over the past week. According to CoinMarketCap, on 31 May, the token was trading at US$0.007981 with a trading volume of US$3,88,17,874. Verasity’s VRA cryptocurrency was up 13.45%, with a live market cap of US $3,56,77,463 and 44,47,01,85,346 VRA coins in circulation. In the past 24 hours, volume spiked by 330.96%, indicating Bitfinex and KuCoin’s listings have attracted investors’ attention.

As a result of the rally, some of the losses the token suffered earlier this month have been reduced. The rally has brought cheers, but investors will be cautious about entering the crypto markets. One needs to be prepared for sudden ups and downs since things here change so rapidly. Before entering the market, one should do their research.


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