Play CSGO VS NBK & Xcurrate With Verasity VRA’s eSports CryptoClash | Bet Using Credit Card & Tokens With Transak

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The nascent sports betting industry received mainstream attention when the Covid 19 lock downs forced audiences to explore online avenues. With events like ESL Pro League gaining global attention, it is clear that esports are doing a better job of fan engagement when compared to traditional sports. This is largely due to the fact that gaming tournaments can be accessed for free, whereas watching sports events usually requires a subscription. June 29th marked the start of the first crypto-powered Bet eSportz CryptoClash tournament, powered by Verasity Token.

Verasity Benefits From Post Covid-19 Blockchain Based eSports Betting Boom in 2022

Despite being shunned and ridiculed for many years, eSports are now an industry that cannot be ignored. This sector is experiencing continued growth, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A video, gaming, and entertainment rewards company, Verasity, wants to take advantage of this momentum. Its new project, Bet eSportz CryptoClash, is one to watch out for. It will be fun for amateur players to go toe-to-toe with professional CS:GO players. Bet eSportz is powered by Verasity technology. CS:GO players and teams can play against NBK and Xcurrate. In addition, viewers are encouraged to place bets on the results of the games. Betting occurs through VRA, the native Verasity token. Several tournament formats will be organized. Pro-player invitationals will undoubtedly attract a lot of viewers. There are also 1V1 and 5V5 events to look forward to.

There are several million eSports fans worldwide today. It would be great if they could bet on events where pro players take part. Now it’s up to the betting industry to meet those needs. Verasity is willing to demonstrate how this can be accomplished. A wide range of customization options are available, regardless of whether the tournaments are intended to be lighthearted or serious. It is possible to create both public and private events, with or without special jackpots. CS:GO tournament bets can be placed with VRA tokens in a convenient and accessible manner. As a result of a partnership with Transak, credit card transactions will be allowed on the platform. The event is a great way to introduce more people to cryptocurrency and eSports betting.

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