Blagov & Witek Radomski Founded Free GameFi Metaverse, Enjin Launch Microsoft Azure Heroes NFT Post PolkaDOT’s Efinity Wallet

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NFTs have integrated seamless with traditional games, to create the crypto gaming p2e Gamefi metaverses we see today. Players have always welcomed the idea of collectibles and trading in video games, and NFTs enable them to do just that, while adding value to their portfolios. Are NFTs able to add any additional value to traditional games, other than turning them into play-to-earn “moneymakers”?

In an ask-me-anything session, Cointelegraph Markets Pro spoke with Enjin’s chief technology officer and co-founder Witek Radomski. In the virtual world of GameFi, Enjin offers a comprehensive suite of products for creating, tokenizing, trading, distributing and integrating NFTs. Lost Relic is one of the notable projects using the service. With Azure Heroes NFTs, Microsoft Azure is also gamifying its developer experience with Enjin. Asked about the future of GameFi, Radomski explained that it’s hard to create a game that looks good and is fun to play, and even harder to grow a community around one:

“We’ll experience a renaissance of blockchain gaming once things settle down with the bear market and more established developers focus on fun games, NFT utility and thinking beyond simply earning crypto coins through playing a game.”

Enjin Blockchain Could Combat Deepfakes With Middleware, APIs, Marketplace & Polkadot Based Efinity 2022

Radomski believes that businesses can be gamified by using NFTs. “Anywhere you can grant users access, special experiences, or exclusivity, NFTs are amazing. Nearly everyone online is creating some kind of digital content these days, and easy-to-use NFTs can help people give history, ownership, digital rights, and utility to everything being created.” Radomski elaborated that NFTs fit specifically into this niche as game developers are constantly creating insanely cool games and content and need a way to present their idea to gamers that’s immutable. Additionally, he emphasized their role in validating one’s digital identity in the face of impersonation threats:

“In a couple of years, bots can perfectly deepfake any human or artwork. Artists, designers, and musicians may have identity crises where celebrities, politicians, game streamers, and eventually, ordinary people will be constantly scammed by them. If you value your digital identity, your consciousness, and your validity in the new society, blockchain is the only thing that can both prove you created something.”

Enjin is developing an end-to-end platform for building and using NFTs to bridge the utility gap. Developing an NFT solution without such a platform would require a team of blockchain developers to pump in months or years of effort. The Enjin platform gives them direct access to middleware, backend APIs, wallets, an internal marketplace, and a blockchain (Efinity) built specifically for NFTs. On Ethereum, Enjin’s namesake coin can also be infused into NFTs. A decentralized, cross-chain network for NFTs, dubbed Efinity, is built on Polkadot (DOT). Besides optimizing games, it is capable of minting and distributing millions of NFTs. With 150,000 Enjin Coin wallet addresses, the Enjin community has grown significantly over the years.


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