Binance Smart Chain’s Top P2E NFT Metaverses 2022 | Axie Infinity vs Lucky Block Gameplay, Marketplace & App Download

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Games like Axie Infinity

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Axie Infinity is one of the most successful P2E games in crypto and blockchain history. With recent hacks and the market crash, the value of AXS is lowering, causing gamers to benefit less and less for investing their time in the game. Here are some alternatives to Axie Infinity – Battle Infinity, Lucky Block and Metakings.

Decentralized Arena Fantasy Sport Metaverse Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity game

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There are multiple Battle Arena formats available in Battle Infinity, including the first decentralized fantasy sports metaverse game where players can build teams and compete with other players around the world. In Battle Infinity, players will be able to earn and stake its native token IBAT and all in-game assets, characters and weapons will be traded on its NFT marketplace. In Battle Infinity, players will be able to upgrade their unique avatars on the IBAT Battle Market using the Unreal engine.

Receive Exclusive NFT Prizes & Rewards With Lucky Block Lottery Token, on PancakeSwap & LBank



Lucky Block game

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As of now, Lucky Block only offers simple daily jackpot prize draws, but plans to build a full metaverse game format by 2022. As part of its launch celebration on May 31st, Lucky Block gave away two $1 million jackpots, one to an NFT holder and one to an entrant in its main draw, played using the project’s native token LBLOCK. The LBLOCK token, currently available on PancakeSwap and LBank, will be listed on MEXC on August 1st for daily draws around the $10k range. Lucky Block NFT holders receive lifetime access to exclusive NFT prize draws, and holders of over $500 in LBLOCK tokens receive a free entry every day.

AI Based Action RPG Developed on Unreal Engine, Metakings (MTK) Review

Metakings game

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A metaverse game based on AI (artificial intelligence), Metakings is the first action-based AI metaverse game. Battle Infinity uses the Unreal engine to run its role playing game (RPG) format. Metakings uses its native token, MTK, to mint characters, mint arenas, upgrade and extend the life of characters, and buy and sell NFTs.


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