Post Ethereum-Based Crypto Casino & VCS Launch, Atari (ATRI) & “PolkaPets” Creator Bondly Make Original NFT Metaverse 2022

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The legendary game developers behind pong recently collaborated with the ICICB Group to create the Atari Chain. With a clear vision to expand into the metaverse, with several projects underway, it is no surprise that Atari has plans of launching its own metaverse platform with its own NFTs. Helping Atari realize this vision is Bondly. Some of Atari’s previous blockchain endeavours include an Ethereum-based casino and a payment service with Litecoin Foundation.

Decades after its apex, Atari is no longer the gaming giant it once was. It is now a brand that has been sold and divided numerous times. That arguably makes Atari’s embrace of crypto less notable than it may initially seem. Regardless, Atari’s crypto efforts have attracted significant attention within the cryptocurrency community.

Vegas Casino & Atari Token to Integrate into Atari’s NFT Metaverse, Bondly CEO Speaks

Digital collectibles related to gaming, music, and other media will be included in Atari’s upcoming line of NFTs. Atari’s efforts are being carried out by Bondly Finance, an NFT company that previously created the “PolkaPets” series and the anime-themed Bondly Collectible Card Game. Atari’s upcoming Metaverse platform will include the NFT series. Bondly CEO Brandon Smith says that creators will be able to mint NFTs on Atari Metaverse “and distribute them to fans, who will then be able to access new superfan experiences.” A specific NFT line will be announced soon. Several major cryptocurrencies as well as the Atari token (ATRI) will be accepted for purchasing Atari’s NFTs.