Esports Crypto Refereum (RFR) Coin Tradable in PUBG 2022 | Apex Legends & Fortnite to Follow

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The first and largest battle royale game, PUBG Corporation’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was a revolution in the gaming space. Appreciated by critics and gamers alike, the game sold more than 50 million copies in six months of sales. The new generation of royale games, like Fortnite and Apex Legends have been giving the game stiff competition. With a loyal fanbase, boasting 350,000 daily players on Steam, the makers of PUBG have teamed up with Refereum to bring the web3 gaming experience to it’s community. In a move that differentiates it from it’s competitors, PUBG players will be able to earn RFR and trade the token for various in-game rewards.

PUBG Royale passes, skins & weapons available for purchase using RFR token

As one of the most high-profile instances of the use of cryptocurrencies in a game, the partnership will run until 20 August. The RFR coins cannot be withdrawn from outside of the PUBG ecosystem, but they can be used within the game itself. PUBG players will be able to trade in RFR tokens for anything from skins for weapons to Royale passes that will open additional lightning chests and enable them to take part in special challenges.

Additionally, RFR tokens can also be used to tip fellow streamers on the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds network. As a result of this measure, gamers will receive compensation for their gaming and donations can be made to streamers and YouTubers, which will help to promote PUBG in a much more interactive manner. Furthermore, by logging every transaction and donation on the blockchain, the gaming rewards become transparent and fair.

By partnering with Refereum, the makers of PUBG have found a new way to energise their loyal fanbase, and the crypto-reward program has been offered to many other popular titles like Battlefield, State of Decay 2, Apex Legends and Fortnite.

Refereum to spearhead blockchain based video game marketing movement

Refereum launched its initial coin offering in early 2018, but by raising $32 million in their token sale, they have emerged as one of the top players in the cryptocurrency space. Using blockchain-based marketing to enhance a gamer’s experience is an exciting new approach.

Since both players and streamers can benefit from the crypto ecosystem, it could also boost PUBG’s viewership on streaming sites like Twitch. This partnership hopefully could be a breakthrough moment for mainstream gamers who have yet to get involved in cryptocurrencies, by giving PUBG fans an easy way to earn and trade RFR coins.


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