Binance & WAX Based P2E Crypto Game Alien Worlds Vs Axie Infinity 2022 | Mine TLM Tokens By Staking Planetary DAOs

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In Alien Worlds, players search various planets for resources (NFTs), accumulate in-game currency, and complete missions to acquire unique items. In this decentralized finance non-fungible token (DeFi NFT, for short) Metaverse, players can collect Trilium, the game’s currency, participate in intergalactic quests, and acquire unique items by navigating the scattered belt of planets.

How to play The Alien Worlds- Managing NFTs in the marketplace

Users can purchase NFTs that are a representation of different in-game items.
These items range from:

  • Land
  • Tools
  • Minions
  • Weapons
  • Avatars
  • Missions

In-game currency Trillium, which is also mined on planets, is used to buy and sell items. The Trillium token is a cross-chain token that adds value to the game. The token can be used to transfer value in-game or to vote in Planetary elections. By mining different planets or staking to a Planet DAO’s reward pool, users can earn TLM. Currently, TLM trades for USD $0.2588 per token on many major exchanges, like Binance.

Alien Worlds most played crypto game, beating Axie Infinity

The most popular game and second most popular Dapp over the last 30 days, according to Dapp Radar, is Alien Worlds. Over the last 30 days, Alien Worlds attracted 1.48M users, nearly double Axie Infinity’s 769k. Trading volume for TLM has risen by 22% over the last 24 hours, reaching $84M.

No MetaMask Integration to store TLM Tokens, NFTs & other cryptocurrency

Missions with improved tools yield higher rewards. As a result, rare tools are in high demand. You can buy and sell tools in the marketplace, and open packs to win rare tools. Additionally, users can rent out their land to others for taxes and rewards set by the landowner.

Alien Worlds uses chains that interoperate to create a Metaverse. The developers have created an ecosystem that takes advantage of each chain’s unique selling point, such as BSC’s low transaction fees. Every planet has its own DAO, where users can stake TLM to participate in its governance.

Alien Worlds has become one of the most popular blockchain games in the last year, and for good reason. Across its many worlds, it has a robust ecosystem and a wealth of income opportunities. The Alien Worlds is not only a game that people should consider playing, but TLM is a token that investors should consider adding to their portfolios.


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