Download Vulcan Forged’s (PYR) FRENZY For Vulcan Assassin’s Phalanx NFTs & Elysium Blockchain Token Access | Upcoming VulcanVerse Event Vulcon2

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Vulcan Forged is a gaming platform which offers services like a NFT minting portal and marketplace that use P2E tokens, PYR and LAVA. With its own rapidly growing metaverse, VulcanVerse, an MMORPG, it is offering 10,000 land NFTs that lets people become node validators. These node validators can later participate in making future decisions of the upcoming Elysium blockchain.

Vulcan Forged has announced earlier this afternoon a game called Vulcan Assassin, an another addition to the Frenzy Pass collection of games. Vulcan Assassin is available for testing within the Vulcan Forged community This is a FRENZY game, where $LAVA is used to entered, and $LAVA used to win. Weapons, power-ups, extra lives and more will be available for $PYR. The Vulcan Assassin mobile game is a wave-based 3D Roman/ Greek theme. Every time a player progresses to the next level, the difficulty and pace increase to make the game more challenging. NFTs can be purchased and upgraded in-game using coins. There are four main elements in the game: characters, enemies, items-abilities, and weapons.

Vulcan Forged CEO, George Tsagkarakis to Speak at Vulcon2, Use $LAVA Token to Participate

VF has its own 10,000 avatar NFT collection. In a nutshell, Phalanx mints limited edition Phalanx NFTs with over ten clans, each containing about 100 Legendary NFTs. Furthermore, VF is developing an SDK that will allow all kinds of games to join the ecosystem and enable play-to-earn economies using the secondary token $LAVA. Our CEO George Tsagkarakis will be a guest speaker at the Vulcon2 event in Athens, Greece, on June 14th. A previous article describes the Vulcan Forged Event in detail.

Imagine playing a game in which you have to pay a fee every time you want to participate in a race or a fight. When you finish playing, the token/fee you deposited goes into a prize pool, in our case, $LAVA. You can participate as many times as you like within a 24-hour period, and your highest run counts as your primary attempt. After 24 hours have passed, and everyone has shot their shot, the top 50 scores/times on the leaderboard will share 50% of the $LAVA collected from all fees. To maintain balance and a smooth flow of $LAVA tokens, the other 50% will be burned. The Frenzy System will offer this. All the details about the Frenzy Pass and how it affects players and the ecosystem of the game are available here. The Frenzy Pass system is implemented in three more games.


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