Crypto Game & Metaverse My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Price News & Review 2022 | How to Earn $ALICE Coin

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With ALICE, players can build virtual homes, farms, and more as part of My Neighbor Alice, a blockchain-based multiplayer game. In-game participation, staking, platform governance, and purchases of in-game items can earn ALICE. Since the beginning of the year, My Neighbor Alice has been in a strong bullish trend, similar to other metaverse coins.

According to my neighbor Alice, only 50% of the available land will be for sale, and the rest will be rented out. In My Neighbor Alice, a multiplayer blockchain builder game that allows players to purchase and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items, and meet new friends, the company has announced the first virtual land sale. According to a Medium blog post, the Company plans to auction off two virtual islands on April 27. On Nature’s Rest island, the first plots will go on sale. Be ready to stake your ALICE tokens by April 27th to become one of the first landowners on Nature’s Rest,” the company noted through a blog post. According to My Neighbor Alice, only 50% of the available land will be for sale, with the rest being rented. Due to the scarcity of land, only a select few gamers will be able to participate in the auction.

My Neighbor Alice Token Price on CoinGecko & Predictions

ALICE, the native token for My Neighbor Alice protocol, will also be used for in-purchases. On April 27, approximately 5% of the 927 plots on nature’s Rest will be auctioned off. Rest island plots cost 50 ALICE each. The company has, however, offered a discount of 60%, which corresponds to a price of 20 ALICE. According to CoinGecko, ALICE tokens cost around $12.07 at the time of writing. A total of 100 million ALICE tokens are in circulation. Rank 196 by market capitalization, it has a market cap of $211,407,910 and a past 24-hour trading volume of $62,667,092. After an initial private token sale, the asset jumped over 220% on its first day of trading on the Binance crypto exchange earlier this month.

The gamer must meet certain conditions in order to qualify for the land auction. To receive one lottery ticket, users need to stake 50 ALICE tokens or 1000 CHR tokens for at least 14 consecutive days before the actual sale. Additionally, interested users must transfer 20 ALICE to a designated contract first. In the event that the purchase does not succeed, the tokens will be refunded to the user. During the auction process, the company indicated that the more tokens you stake, the more tickets you can receive, and the more tickets you receive, the better your chances of winning. As the developers work on more game features to keep the project interactive, further land sales are expected in the future.


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