Crypto’s Answer to Subway Surfers, Vulcan Forged’s Endless Runner Gameplay & News | Frenzy Pass Review 2022

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Games like Temple Run and Subway Surfer became unanimous with the Android and IOS smartphone revolution. The mobile gaming legends still continue to have millions of players and a solid community online. It is no surprise that runner games have made their way to the Web 3 and blockchain ecosystem. Vulcan Runner came out in alpha, and it has the potential to be one of the best runner games out there. Let us take a look at how the NFT crypto game works.

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While the movements of the champion are good and even perform acrobats, there are no major flaws, and there is room for improvement. While collecting stars in Vulcan Runner, you will encounter obstacles such as woods and pits. In the infinite running track, the champion can slide, jump, roll, jump even higher, and attack like an MMA fighter.

As you progress, skills are acquired automatically, and difficult spots offer higher coin rewards. Players who fall into obstacles lose immediately, but there are collectibles with time-bound super powers that offer a second chance. NFT assets will provide players with a variety of bonuses. Though I think the idea is great, I would like to see Vulcan Runner come out for smartphones since this type of game is more likely to be appreciated by mobile gamers.

Use $LAVA Coin to Contribute to VulcanVerse &  Polygon Based $PYR For Passes

You can’t have it all. In-game economies should be able to burn enough tokens to keep the price from tanking. Who will buy if everyone wants to sell? Vulcan Runner implements the Frenzy Pass system designed for multiple single-player games of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. The Frenzy Pass costs 10 $PYR/Lifetime or 2 #PYR/Month. The Polygon ecosystem token is $PYR and the uncapped supply reward token is $LAVA.

In the case of Vulcan Runner, each run costs 1 $LAVA, and at the end of the day, all of the $LAVA spent goes into the reward pool, where 50% is distributed to the top 50 players every day, and the other 50% is burned and eventually removed from circulation. All Vulcan Forged games, single-player and online, have strong burn mechanisms as the primary play-to-earn token $LAVA is used across all games, with VulcanVerse and Berserk enjoying the most players at the moment.


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