Alien Worlds ($TLM) Vs Splinterlands ($SPS) 2022 | How WAX & Hive Blockchains Support The Largest GameFi NFT Metaverses

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Alien Worlds became the most player crypto game after its release in August 2020. With an average daily user base of 200,000 and a peak of 350,000, we can safely say the Alien Worlds is here to stay for a long time. Another crypto game, launched in March 2021, shook the GameFi industry by overtaking Alien Worlds to become the most popular blockchain game in 2022. We will compare Alien Worlds to Splinterlands, two of the most popular blockchain games, and examine how Alien Worlds came in second.

P2E By Mining Trilium Token & NFTs & Participating in Planet Based DAOs

It was Alien Worlds that introduced liquidity mining to NFT games, allowing users to earn TLM tokens by mining and pledging NFT tokens. As of April 20, GameFi had the 2nd highest number of active users according to Footprint Analytics.

Each planet is a DAO organization in the game. Most notably, the governance between planets doesn’t interfere with each other, and the types of landforms aren’t all the same. Among the P2E features, players can find suitable planets to mine and participate in governance:

  • Players receive a free shovel when they enter the game, but their mining ability is low. During the mining process, you can also dig up NFT cards if you are lucky. In the NFT market, mined cards can be exchanged for tokens or fiat currency.
  • Participants can mine in the planet world and win in-game battles to earn TLM and NFTs.
  • Participants can own and rent land on the planet.
  • Players can stake TLM and increase the rewards of the planet they are in.

Tokenomics of TLM Coin Promises Price Increase Significantly as Staking & Community Grows

There are two types of tokens in the Alien Worlds ecosystem, one of which is the NFT token (in-game props in the form of NFTs) representing in-game items. Alien Worlds’ native token, TLM.

  • Supply of TLM: 10 billion
  • Circulation rate: 9.14%
  • Price of TLM: $0.1
  • All-Time Low: $0.07
  • All-Time High: $6.93
  • Market Cap: $126 million

TLM’s current price of $0.09 doesn’t look very attractive. Since the amount of TLM that can be mined will gradually increase, it is unlikely that the token price will rise significantly.

The main TLM applications are-

  • TLM holders can participate in DAO voting, and the more TLM they hold, the more votes they have.
  • Players can stake TLM on a chosen planet to receive rewards and increase the reward pool.
  • Users can mine TLM on planets using NFTs.
  • Active users may receive TLM as a participation reward for developing in-game activities and ecology.

Hive’s Splinterlands Outperforms WAX’s The Alien Worlds in Gameplay & Daily Players Despite Being Slower in Transactions

Comparison of total number of users

After September 2021, Splinterlands surpassed Alien Worlds in terms of users, according to Footprint Analytics. Compared to Alien Worlds, Splinterlands has twice as many users as Alien Worlds since January. Splinterlands’ gameplay is simpler and more varied than Alien Worlds, and it can be completed in 2 to 3 minutes. Although both Alien Worlds and Splinterlands maintain relatively flat subscriber numbers, Alien Worlds has 200,000 subscribers and Splinterlands has 300,000.

Transaction count

Alien Worlds has consistently outperformed Splinterlands in terms of transaction count. Because Alien Worlds launched on the WAX chain, it was able to process more than 8,000 transactions per second, which is better than the Hive chain, Splinterlands’ ecosystem. It is worth noting that the trend in the number of transactions in Splinterlands is relatively stable. Alien Worlds is affected by the price of TLM, and its transaction count has dropped significantly in the past 4 months.

The most popular games in GameFi are Alien Worlds and Splinterlands, but they differ greatly in terms of gameplay. These two games have also promoted their respective ecosystems, WAX and Hive.


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