Top DappRadar NFT Metaverse Crypto Game Alien Worlds Missions Launches on BSC After WAX & Ethereum | NetworkNewsAudio Announcement

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One of the most played blockchain games in the world, The Alien Worlds, announced its launch on the Binance Smart Chain in a broadcast via NetworkNewsAudio (“NNA”), a solution that delivers additional visibility, recognition and brand awareness. The launch of Alien Worlds Missions on BSC, explorers in the game can use virtual spaceships to traverse the metaverse and earn/collect NFTs, which they can then exchange for real currency. The game still features the Trilium mining mechanism as its central gameplay element.

How to Play & Earn Trilium Tokens & NFTs With Alien Worlds Missions to Buy Land, Minions & Weapons

Currently, Alien Worlds has more than 3.6 million registered players and 11 million plays per day, making it the largest blockchain-based NFT game, offering players the chance to own land, deploy minions and weapons in battle, and customize their avatars. As of now, Alien Worlds operates on three blockchains – Ethereum, WAX, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

“The launch of the Alien Worlds Missions game on the BSC blockchain marks a historic time for the Alien Worlds community, further illustrating that ‘play to earn’ games can be highly engaging and create rewarding experiences for players, without relying on invisible, third-party advertisers, guiding and tracking their engagement,” Saro McKenna, Co-Founder of Alien Worlds, stated in the news release.

A whole new gaming experience awaits players with the launch of Alien Worlds Missions. With Trilium (TLM), players can send a spaceship on each mission and compete for a share of the token reward pot. A traveler receives an NFT from the mission (up to 5 per player per mission currently), which enables functionality both within the game and in community-created games based on NFT game card statistics or mission statistics. As all activity is stored on the blockchain, all missions are available for everyone to view. The high level of transparency encourages a strategic approach to the game and significantly boosts competitiveness.

Alien Worlds’ Planet DAOs, Marketplace & Metaverse attract Millions of Users 2022

You can participate in Alien Worlds missions, vote in elections, and run for the planetary council in this NFT Metaverse. Alien Worlds has rapidly climbed the DappRadar ranking charts, with about 3.6 million players and more than 700,000 Monthly Active Users (number of unique wallet addresses interacting with Alien Worlds’ smart contracts on a monthly basis, according to DappRadar), and inspired individuals to create, share, and thrive.


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