Atari Chain Moves 20% Tokens to Fantom DEX Avoiding Ethereum’s Transaction Costs | Available on SpiritSwap, ZooCoin & Uniswap

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Atari created video game history with legendary titles like Pong, Frogger, Space Invaders and Breakout. The Atari 2600 Video Computer System was a household staple in 1972. It is no surprise that Atari’s reputation of being one of the oldest and largest names in gaming has helped it gather a loyal following.

Atari released its own cryptocurrency, the Atari Token, under its subdivision, Atari Chain. The token’s primary purpose was to integrate as a payment method with Atari’s new console in 20 years, the Home Gaming System. Created on the Ethereum Blockchain and compatible with the ERC-20 standard, the token quickly became popular among fans. Atari Token (ATRI) partnered with decentralized finance platform Fantom (FTM) on September 1st, 2021.

Fantom Supported DEXs Now the Cheapest Way to Buy ATRI Coin

On September 1st, respected DeFi developer and fan of the Fantom platform, Andre Cronje, tweeted about the Atari Token (ATRI). Fantom (FTM) solves most of the problems posed by Ethereum blockchains, such as approving transfers of funds instantaneously and dramatically reducing transaction costs. A single ATRI token can now be swapped to avoid massive transaction costs.

Previously, Atari Tokens (ATRI) were traded on the costly Uniswap and Exchange platforms. The threshold for purchasing tokens was too high for many consumers. Only about twenty percent of Atari Tokens have been transferred to Fantom and are still available on Atari’s original platform.

The tokens can be traded on most major dexes supported by Fantom such as SpiritSwap, ZooCoin, and also on the popular ETH dex Uniswap. Investors and buyers were excited by this move, leading to a massive increase in the token’s value. On August 31st, it was hovering around .049USD. By the end of the next day, September 1st, the price had skyrocketed more than 72% to a final price of .082 USD.

ATRI Price Rises 72% Post Fantom Announcement

At the time of writing, Atari Token had a market cap of $65 million. It has a circulating supply of roughly 890k coins and a maximum supply of 7.7 billion. ATRI still has a lot of upside. In keeping with the company’s history of low prices in the video game console world, the Atari Token (ATRI) is being made easily accessible and affordable to all people. They intend to let players bet tokens against each other in skill-based games where the winner takes it all.

This is Atari’s latest gaming project. It is a modern gaming and computer system that combines a gaming console and a personal computer. The sleek device was designed to serve as a node in order to validate blockchain transactions. It can be expected that Atari will use the VCS platform to exchange Atari Tokens (ATRI) between players. Using their tokens, Atari plans to launch online multiplayer games, a casino, and a betting platform.


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