Verasity (VRA) Proof-Of-View (POV) Crypto Patent Explained | Improved NFT Fraud Detection & Esports Fight Club Gameplay

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Verasity (VRA) Proof-Of-View (POV) Crypto Patent Explained | Improved NFT Fraud Detection & Esports Fight Club Gameplay

Verasity’s Proof of View Patent has been updated with additional parameters for non-ad data such as the additional request for NFTs and some structural updates to the technology. The change is not only going to increase the scope of our fraud detection functionality, but it will also improve the user experience and make Esports Fight Club more enjoyable for fans.

The latest update on Verasity’s patent is its publication. The full patent can be found under Publication No: US 2021/0194693 A1. The 15-page patent, Published on June 24, 2021, outlines Proof of View’s verification system in detail. It also provides Verasity with the ability to bring its PCT International filing up to date with the world.

Verasity developed Proof of View to combat several problems.

On detection — the current standard is for analysis to happen after the content has been delivered and often towards the end of an advertising campaign. With Verasity, our technology detects ad fraud as it happens. Utilizing 200 touch points and AI, Verasity can determine with very high confidence whether a bot or human is watching an ad or content based on the viewers’ behaviour, in real time. There’s no more waiting for post-delivery fraud analysis or requesting refunds from publishers — ad fraud is detected and eliminated immediately. This first step utilizes anonymous fingerprinting.

The Proof of View system also prevents the multiple methods bad actors may try to manipulate view counts and audience metrics. The content view evaluation phase provides multiple metrics which are gathered while viewing the content.

Once the view has been verified as genuine we need to solve the second part of the problem — accounting for valid ads. During this phase where the view is scored, the stats are inputted to our proprietary AI to issue a final score. Verasity’s technology uses advanced methods to ensure only views verified by Proof of View are counted. Views which are verified are added to a publicly accessible database containing anonymized data and recorded on the blockchain.

The PoV target market are the brands and sponsors whose ads are being misused by fraudsters. PoV is not integrated or part of the rewards system. The rewards system targets users to increase engagement. PoV targets brands to reduce fraud.

PoV can also solve today’s NFT challenges by creating a transparent and immutable record of the NFT across its lifespan, from the way in which it was created, moved, modified and stored, to its possible destruction. Our patent filing covers all aspects of how NFTs can be created and manipulated, including in ways that are often overlooked or not yet in common practice. This is forward-thinking coverage for an evolving asset class.

The PoV patent extension includes a broad variety of NFT content types and applications of NFT technology, including digital rights management. (The exemplary disclosed NFT content may further include information regarding rights such as, for example, right of ownership, admittance permission, right of priority, author rights, and/or any other suitable rights.)

In addition, as described in the patent any existing NFTs can be converted into PoV enabled NFTs and it provides an infinite scalability to our solution with anti-fraud. A solution that no one else has globally.

The publication provides further legitimacy of our patent in the United States and will help us as we work to expand patents globally.

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