Verasity (VRA) & Binance DEX Collaborate to Create Shareable Crypto Wallet Across YouTube, Twitch & Vimeo | Tokenized Rewards For Video Player 2022

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The Binance DEX is a decentralized exchange built on top of the Binance Chain blockchain. Verasity, the cryptocurrency for online video players, and Binance Chain, a blockchain-based software platform, have announced a strategic partnership which will encourage a new video economy. The company provides rewarded video player technology to major publishers worldwide.

The patent-pending video player offers tokenized rewards (VRA traded on HitBTC) as well as loyalty schemes within the player wallet. The unique technology is already available to more than 1.6 million video publishers with over 550 million users and 110 billion monthly views, adding engagement and revenue back to publishers’ sites. Viewers, video publishers, and advertisers benefit from Verasity’s attention-based model.

Publishers can now use complete products. Video player wallet app unifies rewards and loyalty programs into one wallet that viewers, publishers and advertisers can access and use across all major video platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer and others, which accounts for over 95% of all video players. Any publisher can implement this killer app within a few minutes within its current workflow, and viewers do not need to download anything or change their behavior. In an effort to win viewers back to their websites, Veracity will announce more mainstream publishers that will use its technology.

Co-Founder of Verasity, Mark Hain & Binance CEO, CZ Comment on Collaboration

Mark Hain, Co-founder of Verasity said: “Building on the Binance Chain protocol enhances our platform as its one second block time confirmations make it faster and cheaper to send and receive transactions, pivotal for the success of a microtransaction blockchain platform. The power of the Binance community and liquidity in BNB will also add great power to the Verasity project.”

CZ (Changpeng Zhao), CEO & Founder of Binance said: “Video is a powerful tool to educate, engage and entertain. Verasity’s video player solution offers the perfect vehicle for viewers, publishers and content creators to benefit from the utility of blockchain technology. I’m glad that Binance and Verasity are leading that charge globally.”


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