SushiDrop Crypto Game Launch On Way2Bit BORA Ecosystem | Blockchain Explorer Guide To Gameplay & SHELL Tokens Swap

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BORA introduced Sushi Drop, a simple, classic puzzle game, where users can enjoy content by changing BORA tokens to SHELL tokens, a currency dedicated to the BORA platform.


  1. Drop the sushi block onto another same block with the same number.
  2. Merge them into a higher sushi with high number!
  3. You can remove the blocks by using bomb booster!
  4. You can levelup the sushi block by using level up booster!
  5. Try to remove multiple blocks at a time to get awesome bonus!
  6. Try to collect new chefs with coins you earned.

※ This app is not available in South Korea

About BORA

BORA is a digital entertainment platform focused to distribute digital content and provide incentives to participants.

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