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an earthlike alien planet floating in space

Alien Worlds was just a Terra produced TV series back in 2020. Now, everyone associates the name with one of the biggest crypto nft based games to ever exist. With a gameplay that relies on mining on six different planets, with their own autonomy and DAOs, It is a unique take on community based gameplay. Available for purchase on many major DEXs, the TLM token also has trading value. Now that the coin is a viable investment, investors may want to keep themselves updated on TLM events, which they regularly announce over their Twitter.

To begin playing Alien Worlds, players must first create a wallet. Additionally, is a wallet dedicated only to NFTs. It is easy to use. Furthermore, players only need to link their wallet to Twitter to get started. Users can then set up their game account, choose a planet, select a shovel and start mining!

InvestorsObserver Rates $TLM Token as a Low Trading Risk in 2022

InvestorsObserver rates Alien Worlds as low risk. During the past 24 hours, a proprietary scoring system calculated the amount of money needed to move the price. The metric takes into account changes in volume and market cap to determine how much a token can be manipulated by limited trading. The score ranges from 0 to 100, with low scores representing high risk and high scores representing low risk. Alien Worlds has a low Risk/Reward Score according to InvestorsObserver.

Risk/Reward Score - Low

The Alien Worlds Price Prediction, Market Capitalization & Trading Volume Analysis

Traders who are focused on risk assessment will find the gauge most useful for avoiding (or adding) risky investments. Over the past 24 hours, TLM has traded 10.15% lower to its current price of $0.030637288. While volume has been below its average level and the token’s market capitalization has been rising, this shift has occurred. With a market capitalization of $80,008,898.07, the cryptocurrency has traded for $25,995,095.25 over the last 24 hours. Alien Worlds has a low risk rating based on its price change relative to its volume and market cap changes.TLM’s price volatility in combination with the changes in trading volume over the last 24 hours result in a low risk analysis, giving investors confidence in the token’s manipulationability at present.


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