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Our Co-CEOs, David Hanson and Nicolas Gilot managed a brilliant Q& A session upon Twitter to answer your questions in regards to the Ultra Mainnet Launch. In the event you missed it, we’ve comprehensive the questions asked simply by our Blockchain PO, Rami James, and the answers for your most burning questions.

Let’s jump right in!

Q. What is been the most difficult phase of launching Ultra Mainnet?

Launching Ultra Mainnet was no easy task. Strategic planning, determination, plus knowledge were all essential parts to the successful advancement and launch of the Mainnet.

David clarifies that on a company degree, one of the most difficult parts of the procedure was growing the group. Ultra has a complex employing process that involves tests and many steps (all to ensure we now have the right talent for the job) and it’s been fairly challenging doing so with this kind of big milestone ahead of us.

Rami brings up that it’s extremely hard to construct something that no one has built prior to. This is evident in the numerous challenges that the teams experienced during the milestone. Nicolas grows on this point and declares that the most difficult step had been planning ahead. Because the tech Extremely is building is so innovative, it’s been hard to estimation how long each step of the procedure will take. Our team can’t take a look at other projects and very easily estimate the steps to finalization based on a precedented flight. This isn’t possible because nobody is doing what we’re carrying out and no one is building a good ecosystem that’s powered simply by blockchain in the way that we are.

All 3 agree that they’re joyful that we’ve gone through the particular hardest part of the project (getting Ultra Mainnet launched) due to the fact our NFT standard V1 is ready so the primary aspect of the platform has been finished. However , they remain level-headed and understand that there’s nevertheless unlimited amounts of work to become done to bring the overall eyesight for Ultra into fruition.

Q. Exactly why is Mainnet not accessible even today that it’s launched?

Nicolas and Brian explain that indeed, Mainnet is live and it is already possible to exchange tokens. Right now, developers may build apps and other things that using Ultra tools.

The next step is hooking up the Mainnet to the Ultra platform alone, which will allow access to those people functionalities.

Throughout the following waves, our concentrate will be to monitor and enhance our platform’s integration using the Mainnet. We’ll be inclined on our excellent beta testers and game developers to help in providing a top-tier encounter that everyone expects.

Once the Mainnet has been connected to the Ultra platform, customers will be able to download the Wallet-only client. To make it clear, the particular wallet is an app inside the Ultra platform (the client), and the Wallet-only client is definitely technically the same client which is used by beta testers. It is simply limited to one available application (the wallet) for the moment. If you’re not part of the shut beta, you’ll only have entry to the Ultra Wallet.

Here, you’ll find your own referral link, wallet IDENTIFICATION, and the token swap function (more information on this within the next question). Once the Ultra Video games, NFT Marketplace, and other apps available to the public, your customer will automatically update along with access to the various parts of Ultra’s ecosystem.

Q. Do I need to swap my tokens?

Before we get into this particular question, we want to make it clear that will we’ll be releasing an ardent article surrounding token trades in the lead-up to the Wallet-only client becoming available to everybody.

David provides little more information on this within the Q& A session, expanding in the fact that there will be a permanent bi-directional token swap function within the Ultra Wallet. There is absolutely no danger if you don’t swap your ERC20 tokens immediately — swap them or even don’t swap them, it is completely up to you, UOS bridal party will permanently live on each Ethereum and the Ultra network.

Basically, because the facilities we put in place is very general, we can use this to act for the own Token Swap through ERC-20 tokens to indigenous tokens and for future symbol transfers between chains.

Q. Are there AAA relationships in the pipeline?

Nicolas delves deep in to this question and points out that Ultra has 150+ developers (AAA, AA, plus Indie) on board and ready to add their games onto system. Announcing these developers plus uploading games onto system is a matter of time. Once the platform is connected to Ultra Mainnet, designers will be able to upload their online games and make sure people that have entry to Ultra Games can play them.

He discloses that we’re also within talks with large manufacturers within the gaming space plus there’s a lot of interest in exactly what Ultra is developing. Particularly, Ultra’s use cases are resonating extremely well with these brands plus we’re exploring different ways in order to collaborate with each brand name that is authentic and efficient.

Rami chimes in with some thoughtful remarks about his initial desire for Ultra. He recounts that this most interesting and fun facet of working on the Ultra task has been the process of making sure all of us answer key questions regarding Ultra’s blockchain tech: What’s terrible regarding blockchain today? How can we all improve it? The Ultra team provides facilitated a space that allows all of us to not only ask these types of hard questions but function toward providing answers plus solutions even before others inside our field.

Queen. When does everyone obtain public access to the platform?

This is a question we all get quite frequently and we believe it’s super important to create its answer as crystal clear as possible for everyone.

Nicolas goes into the better details of our 3-step beta wave structure, explaining that individuals decided to onboard users in this manner for several reasons:

  • Gradually adding brand new users onto the platform throughout Wave 1, Wave two, and Wave 3 boosts the stability of our client.
  • We want to obtain users on the platform as quickly as possible to gather feedback on the UX and UI, further enhancing the platform’s design even as we develop all the features we have planned throughout the year.

Wave one started in December 2020 plus beta testers have provided the team great comments on what they like in regards to the platform and what can be enhanced. Since then, we’ve implemented different changes and are very happy with all the outcome of this wave.

The Wallet-only client is going to be released in July plus everyone will have access to the particular Ultra Wallet. Users may sign up to the platform, secure a distinctive username, access the expression swap feature, and make use of their referral link. Soon after, Wave 2 will start plus we’ll be giving a lot more community members extended entry to the ecosystem.

The duration between Influx 2 and Wave several will be a lot shorter compared to that of Wave 1 plus Wave 2 . We’ll end up being ramping up the onboarding associated with users during this stage plus thousands of you will eventually get access to the platform.

Following the third wave, we’ll become releasing the open beta which gives everybody access to much more features.

Queen. Can I stake?

And finally, Rami asks Nicolas and David the ultimate issue: When can people begin staking their UOS cash? They didn’t disappoint with this particular answer and revealed info that hasn’t been distributed publicly until now.

David goes into detail in regards to the staking reward system’s objective, which is to provide priority in order to certain users when the system reaches its capacity.

This feature is usually super powerful because anybody can sponsor transactions within smart contract with set situations. Its first utility is certainly technically already working however the second utility has however to be added. Its objective revolves around rewarding customers for staking UOS along with extremely rare NFTs. Arbitrarily generated numbers will allow all of us to fairly and properly reward these rare NFTs to users that stake.

The second version from the NFT Standard has much more functionality and we’ll have the ability to extend the functionalities associated with existing NFTs. We’re nicely ahead of the curve in this factor and it’ll be a fantastic upgrade to our staking rewards program.

We really liked answering your questions and providing you some exclusive information about what we should have cooking up. To hear the whole session, head here and make sure to stick to us on Twitter to remain updated on the next time all of us go live!

Regarding Ultra

Extremely is the first entertainment system providing all key online games industry services under an individual roof, accessible through a single login.

Built close to our PC game submission platform, Ultra Games, our own platform will provide access to numerous centralized and decentralized solutions: Discover, buy, play promote your games and in-game items, watch live-streaming nourishes, interact with your favorite influencers, take part in contests, compete in competitions and much more.

Ultra has been built to reduce the frontier between blockchain and mass market, in between DAPPS and APPs plus between legacy items and NFTs.

For more information, much more, and stick to along on our main Twitter accounts , our gaming Twitter accounts , Youtube , Telegram , plus Discord .

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