Why Atari Shifted From Ethereum to Fantom 2022 Crypto News | Buy ERC20 Token on SpiritSwap & ZooCoin Exchange

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Atari chain is looking to migrate to the Fantom blockchain ecosystem. Fantom is a superfast Defi platform which is a layer-1 solution known for its extremely low transaction fees. Fantom stands out from the other major blockchains for its ultra high speed transactions. Users can now trade stake and play online with ATRI on Fantom. Both blockchain companies are pioneers in their fields, making this collaboration significant.

Atari Chain, a cryptocurrency company created by ICICB, one of the largest financial services companies in the Middle East. Through a partnership with Atari, ICICB owns 50% of Atari Chain Ltd. The company launched Atari Token with the goal of making it the go-to cryptocurrency token in the interactive gaming industry. The ATRI token was an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. In order to buy, sell, or trade Atari tokens, users faced several challenges. For buying $46 of Atari Token, Uniswap charges about $160 Ethereum fees, leaving users with more losses than profits. Transaction speed is another issue. Confirmations can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours on the Ethereum network due to congestion.

Avoid Bitcoin.com & Uniswap’s High Transaction Fees For ATRI-FTM Trading

Most major dexes on Fantom currently support the ATRI-FTM pair, including SpiritSwap and ZooCoin. Due to their being on Fantom, both platforms allow users to trade ATRI tokens at the lowest fees when compared to other exchanges such as Uniswap and Bitcoin.com Exchange. Furthermore, the collaboration will result in cross-pollination between traders and users of both communities, increasing both companies’ reach.

The Atari Chain is rapidly improving its services to become the leading crypto company in the interactive entertainment industry. As a result of these measures and initiatives, the company is making Atari tokens and other crypto services, such as DEX and smart wallets, accessible and affordable to everyone. In the gaming community, Atari has always been known for developing and building some of our favorite games. Fantom is now working on bringing decentralized games to the platform. Fantom will also be deploying a new dex within the next few days to keep things exciting.


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