VulcanVerse provides incredibly rich and increasing lore. With heavyweight Fighting Imagination authors Jamie Thomson and Dave Morris — known furthermore for the legendary Fabled Countries series at the helm, you would be right to have elevated expectations for the fantasy history being drawn up for this blockchain gaming newcomer.

So , where to start? At the beginning.

The old Greco-Roman gods are fading from storage.. people worship science plus devote their time to electronic pastimes, video games, social media. Although not all gods will drop silently into a deep sleep. Vulcan , the Roman god associated with fire (whose Greek incarnation is Hephaestus), vowed to make use of science to forge a brand new, virtual world worthy of the gods:

I will accept their new myths, their particular invisible worlds, their gods who speak in program code of webs and netting and chains. I will create a world that will be greater than the particular mundane ambitions of a person mere mortals!
I am going to use your science to create a digital world born of a Lord, a world beyond the fickle, ephemeral dreams of mankind.

I, Vulcan, will create a new Olympus!

With a project as big as VulcanVerse, the lore has to be each all encompassing and sound — something that the authors with their mixed years of experience writing AAA fantasy and choose your personal adventure books will assure. To get a real feel for your world that they are crafting, the very first port of call needs to be the excellent VulcanVerse map . A good island, split into very different quadrants, is where all of the action happens.

Aelio Storm-Swift Queen of the Harpies

Vulcan provides forged this virtual planet for human inhabitants. In line with the same Greco-Roman lore that will Vulcan himself hails from, the particular land itself comes with alluring clues as to its character and what lies in store for the inhabitants. Take a close seem and amongst the ruins, you will probably find the image of a howling wolf… or scorpions amongst wilderness sand dunes. Gaze additional and you might see a Cyclops atop a snowy mountaintop. VulcanVerse takes from the Ancient greek and Roman mythology plus religions of old plus brings this world firmly to the digital age — cementing the likes of Aelio, Storm-Swift Queen of the Harpies, into blockchain immortality being a non-fungible token (NFT), the collectible with matching in-world 3D character to come with the player on their quest.


The four areas of VulcanVerse are distinct. To the northern west are the Mountains of Boreas , an ice-bound plateau encircled by mountains, creating privacy from the other areas of VulcanVerse. Named after Boreas, Our god of the North Wind along with Winter, here dwell Amazons, tribes of warrior females, now small in quantity scraping out an lifestyle on the tundra. Minotaurs are available in subterranean caves and passageways, Harpies and Hippogriffs battle it out for control of hill peaks and in Boreas the particular Cyclops can be still be discovered, hurling boulders at each other.

Herds associated with Mammoth roam the baumlose graslandschaft, though greatly reduced in quantity today. Small herds associated with wild horses, descendants of these ridden by the Amazons, operate on the steppe — sometimes prey towards the small number of Sabre-tooths that can be found here.

To the east of the Hills of Boreas lie the particular Gardens associated with Arcadia, your garden of the Gods of Olympus. Once beautiful and with your life, Arcadia has fallen upon hard times — it stands ignored, weed-choked and overgrown. The particular west of Arcadia is usually dominated by the Deep Woodland, which runs from seaside areas in the north towards the walls of Vulcan Town in the southwest. The Water of Arcadia flows via a valley just north from the Summer Palace and wind gusts north to meet the sea. Towards the east of the river within the uplands is the ancient Druid’s Shrine and beyond, close to Arcadia’s east coast, would be the Verdant Farmlands. Wolves pursue deer in the forests plus centaurs can still, occasionally, be seen.

Ambrosia, the meals of the gods that imparts immortality on those who consume of it, was also harvested right here from the mushroomed shadows associated with glen and glade. However a few Dryads still reside in leaf-thatched tree houses, several nymphs still dance within sunlit glades and gambol in the streams and pools.

Soter, Master of the woodland herds

Straight south of the Gardens associated with Arcadia can be found the Desert of Notus . In stark comparison to Arcadia’s lush eco-friendly grasses, woodland, and unexpected storms, Notus is dried out, baked by the strong sunlight. The desert is focused by three large Pyramid Mausoleums that can be seen through beyond the borders associated with Notus. To the far southern, the once Great Water drains into the sea with its delta can be found the particular ancient city of Iskandria. Towards the west, the desert edges the Underworld of Hades, with the Dunes of Trouble separating the main expanse from the desert from the Land That No-One Returns.

The particular once Great River has dried up, the huge drinking water wheels at the Cataract associated with Tethys sit, rusting, their particular wooden spokes sun-bleached and brittle.

Venomtail of the Dunes of Doom

To the southwest of VulcanVerse is the Underworld of Hades . A really hellish landscape awaits — red heavens and blood rain, swamps, cemeteries, and mausoleums. The particular defining features of this property of the dead are the 3 rivers that carve in the land: the River Styx, the River Acheron, as well as the River Hades (or, Dark Bayou as it is also known). Here, in Hades, are available one of the most imposing landmarks; the particular towering Palace of the Dead.

Structure of the Dead

This land any of fire, lava, flat swamps, ash, and rivers.

Away from the streams of hell lie the particular Plains of Howling Night, home to lost spirits, wandering in the miasmic dark areas, who wail and groan, shambling aimlessly, lamenting their own fate in the pale, decaying light.

Vampiric Lamias lurk in crypts plus caverns, Strix, bloodthirsty bat-like birds with razor-sharp expenses of bronze fly over head.

Central in order to VulcanVerse is the splendid walled Vulcan Town , where the quadrants meet up with, populated by automatons with halls representing each contingent.

Vulcan City


Vulcanites, in-world friends for VulcanVerse and personas in their own right, useful in other Vulcan Forged ecosystem online games, also have their own background every belongs to a certain quarter.

Velosina of the Sacred Stables

Velosina, for example , is really a centaur from the Gardens associated with Arcadia. She is a keen huntress, excellent with a bow plus arrow — but also a skilled music performer, playing melodies on her bone tissue flute at many an event.

Another will be Blubberjaw, a hideous devil of the Underworld of Hades, nourished by the corpses from the damned, those who were gluttonous and greedy in life. Blubberjaw awaits them in the firey River Phlegethon, drawn to the particular fat, buttery flesh associated with the greedy.

Blubberjaw of the Flames of Hell

Every Vulcanite comes with beautiful art work, further building that picture of a full, living world.

To add to the lore, the particular authors are also working on a number of gamebooks, set in each of the quadrants. These physical books is going to be in the ‘choose your own adventure’ style and will tie in to the VulcanVerse game, with the 1st book scheduled for launch this year.

Create your own lore

A real attract to many will be the ability to produce and build on your own lore whilst in world, with all the official VulcanVerse lore since the main layer, there is nothing ending users from adding their very own stories and histories along with the existing rich background. Gamers have been coming up with interesting backstories for their ‘in world’ personality, which can be built upon. Along with third-party websites, such as a VulcanVerse wiki, every event could be documented, further developing the particular VulcanVerse history.

With this rich lore plus backstory, VulcanVerse is looking forward to an eventful future.

Vulcan can confirm the very first two gamebooks (of 5) written by

@fightingfantasy authors Dave Morris plus Jamie Thomson will be released first September 2021 in bookstores in UK, Italy, Philippines, France, and Amazon!


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