Vulcan Forged ($PYR)

Download Vulcan Forged’s (PYR) FRENZY For Vulcan Assassin’s Phalanx NFTs & Elysium Blockchain Token Access | Upcoming VulcanVerse Event Vulcon2

Vulcan Forged has announced earlier this afternoon a game called Vulcan Assassin, an another addition to the Frenzy Pass collection of games.. Vulcan Assassin...
Ayush Mukherjee
1 min read

Crypto’s Answer to Subway Surfers, Vulcan Forged’s Endless Runner Gameplay & News | Frenzy Pass Review 2022

Subway Surfers, OMG! Once, I got addicted to this game and i forced my self to uninstall it. Runner games are...
Ayush Mukherjee
18 sec read

Polygon Based NFT Marketplace Vulcan Forged Coin (PYR) Price Drops 30% After Hack | MyForge Crypto Wallet & Venly Credentials Leak 2022

You think this is a game? Well, players on the Vulcan Forged platform, a blockchain game studio that runs a decentralized exchange...
Ayush Mukherjee
1 min read

Play-to-Earn Crypto VulcanVerse Gamebooks – Vulcan Forged (PYR) Land, Quadrants Map & Vulcanites Explained

VulcanVerse lore is incredibly rich and ever-expanding. With heavyweight Fighting Fantasy authors Jamie Thomson and Dave Morris — known for their legendary Fabled...
Gamecoin Team
4 min read