VeraViews Ad Tech Platform Roll Out (Proof of View)

What is the VeraViews Ads System?

The current $400B ad technology system is broken. People dislike ads. Bots watch advertisements. Nearly half the advertisement spend is watched by robots . The incentives to view ads are based on consumption — which offers led to a race towards the bottom of quality plus profitability. This has left the with a lot of low quality articles, with dwindling CPMs (cost per thousand impressions), which nearly half the sights are fraudulent. This is along with increasing content supply, producing market prices drop additional. Facebook and Google at this point collect 73% of all the electronic ad revenue and manage the Demand Side Systems, browsers, mediocre content and also control the revenue avenues of most video publishers.

Verasity is creating a better ad platform known as VeraViews. VeraViews is a comprehensive advertising system allowing manufacturers to upload their advertisement campaigns directly to take advantage of author ad space on their websites. Everything is vetted simply by our patented Proof of View technologies to stop advertisement fraud in real time and give openness to all parties — all in a personal privacy compliant way. Immutable information stored on a public journal means that legitimate ad wedding is recognised by every single party immediately and rather than waiting 3–9 months to obtain paid, publishers can get compensated in a few days based on their authenticated views. Viewers can also be compensated for watching ads they will not otherwise watch. You can find no intermediaries taking a reduce; adspend is split between your audience and content makers because they create all the value.

With no a lot more fake views, CPMs significantly increase, publishers can produce top quality content, viewers are more involved (and are even compensated for it) and web publishers get paid right away. All of this happens without having to go through any of the main platforms, if they choose never to. Of course Brands will distribute their campaign ad bucks across multiple platforms, however they will tend to spend their own money on the campaigns which have the highest engagement and the VeraViews platform will outshine the mediocre. Why? Because for the first time all of the incentives are aligned throughout all the players in the environment.

Only a blockchain company can solve this particular. Data stored on the blockchain is immutable and clear to all, by utilizing tokens because markers on the blockchain.

VeraViews is a full ad solution that includes:

  • Ad Advertisments by Brands
  • Requirement Side Platform (VeraDSP)
  • Publisher Inventory
  • Supply Side System (VeraSSP)
  • Author Ad Views on chain
  • Proof of View
  • VeraChain (side chain)
  • VeraFiers Network
  • VeraVault
  • VeraPlayer
  • Notara Ad Stack/PoV
  • VeraWallet Escrow/Publisher Revenues/Viewer Benefits
  • Open Resource View Verification Software/Web company

Basic Structure of the VeraViews Platform

So how exactly does it actually work?

VeraViews ad advertisments are initiated by Manufacturers, Agencies or their associates. They deposit VRA bridal party to VeraWallet and create a good escrow pool that is used regarding paying revenues to marketers and rewards to audiences (or provide fiat that is converted to VRA on exchanges). Ad creatives are published to the VeraViews platform plus content is propagated towards the Broadcaster or Content Shipping Network (CDN). Ad guidelines are set in the Requirement Side Platform (VeraDSP) which includes targeting preferences, Geos, regularity cappings, CPMs, etc . plus ads are served through VeraPlayer. The Brand roll-outs the ad campaign using VeraDSP by choosing from the listing of already added ad creatives or adding even more. The Campaign ID is produced and serves as an attribution indicator throughout the entire information circulation process.

The Brand’s escrow swimming pool is assigned to the ad-campaign from VeraWallet. This earnest pool holds tokens to become distributed in the form of publishers’ income and viewers’ rewards.

PoV Foundation

PoV Foundation marker bridal party travel in a closed cycle and return to the PoV Foundation Wallets. This is necessary to provide immutability and protection. This will have no material effect on circulating supply and is regarded as non-inflationary. These marker bridal party are utilized for ad promotions, NFTs and Digital Legal rights Management (DRM). PoV use will expand to other useful applications as there is need for robust fraud recognition and verification solutions within almost any branch from esports, movies, video and video gaming to medicine and the aeronautical industry.

PoV Foundation Tokens are struck to serve as marker bridal party for data circulation throughout ad campaigns, NFTs plus DRM. 100B PoV Basis tokens will be minted in order to serve as data circulation gun tokens only. We approximated the usage of PoV for simultaneous ad campaigns as well as other programs that are projected to need approximately 100B tokens in order to service the requirements of PoV and for scaling.

PoV Foundation tokens are usually reserved for the Ad Campaign Gun Tokens Pool with their related campaign ID attached. The quantity of reserved tokens is computed by the estimated number of advertisement views planned. As soon as the advertising campaign is launched the Ad-campaign Marker Tokens Pool is definitely sent to the Oracle client connecting the Ethereum blockchain with VeraChain. The Oracle node burns VRA in the Ad Campaign Marker Tokens Swimming pool. The corresponding amount of VeraChain tokens is minted plus signed with the campaign IDENTIFICATION by the Oracle node.

PoV enabled Vera Ad Collection ad fraud processing

  1. Preliminary phase — PoV attempts to recognize the particular viewer for the pre-filtering rating. This happens right before the advertisement impression is served.
  2. Viewing phase — PoV gathers data on viewing behaviour and offers the viewer devices along with proprietary challenges that create additional data. Note: we have been not challenging the audience (this is not a captcha) — all the magic happens in the history without interrupting the actual advertisement impression process.
  3. Scoring phase — PoV analyzes information gathered from phases one and 2 with amazing AI. This scoring furthermore takes into account IVT filtering information obtained from well-known third party recognition vendor partners (to become announced). Based on the Scoring, the particular ad view is determined to become valid or fake. This method is proprietary.

Once an advertisement view is processed, PoV passes the data to the side string, VeraChain, where views are usually marked and recorded, such as the unique view hashes together with campaign ID. Each Ad-campaign Marker Token Pool offers two wallets attached to this, one that holds tokens to get valid views and the some other one that holds tokens designed for invalid views. VeraChain prevents are signed by VeraFiers that are randomly voted just for according to the Proof of Stake general opinion implementation of VeraChain (explained in detail below). This process helps to ensure that the PoV data is usually recorded transparently and it is integrity is maintained through all the VeraFier nodes equally.

VeraChain Ad-campaign Marker Tokens and the Ethereum network

Throughout the ad campaign, tokens are cleared from VeraChain back to the particular Ad Campaign Marker Tokens Swimming pool on the Ethereum network. Preparing by sending tokens through both valid views plus fake views wallets towards the Oracle Node, which additional burns VeraChain tokens plus mints the corresponding levels of tokens on the Ethereum network — that are then sent back towards the Ad Campaign Marker Tokens Swimming pool tagged with the campaign IDENTIFICATION. After the end of the ad-campaign all the tokens from the Ad-campaign Marker Tokens Pool are usually sent back to the PoV Base wallets, completing the cycle.

Online Analytical Processing, Huge Data Storage and VeraVault

All of the data associated with the campaign advertisement views is stored in the OLAP (online analytical processing) big data storage. Part data about each advertisement view is also passed in order to VeraFier Nodes so that it could be accumulated in Secure Vaults (VeraVault) for future reference point. Any stored extended advertisement view record can be seen using an unique hash saved on VeraChain. To enable this particular functionality we will provide an internet service and an open resource application (in our Github) so anyone interested may verify any ad view data.

Every single advertisement view data is documented to multiple backups

  1. Ethereum network (Macro statistics about total valid/invalid views per campaign)
  2. VeraChain (Individual advertisement view hashes marked with all the ad campaign ID)

3. Secure Vaults (VeraVault) of VeraFier Nodes (extended data about every particular ad view seen using ad view hash from VeraChain). Number of VeraVaults depends on the number of VeraFier Nodes utilizing this feature and it is scalable infinitely so that we are able to have infinite redundancy.

4. Verasity’s Large Data Storage (Complete stats and AI analysis comes from each ad view)


We value personal privacy and adhere to all personal privacy regulations including GDPR and do not collect personal information.

Publisher Profits and Viewer Rewards

PoV also allows automatic, fast and clear publisher revenue distribution out from the box. The Brand or even Agency creating an ad-campaign provides CPM funding utilizing their VeraWallet account. As the ad-campaign progresses, revenues can be dispersed across publishers and audiences in real time. Every valid advertisement view recorded triggers income distribution. With every expression purge from VeraChain, income and rewards are dispersed to the VeraWallet accounts associated with publishers and viewers. Some of the ad campaign funding continues to be as profit for Verasity (10–20%).

The particular VeraViews system provides for the particular VRA revenues paid in order to publishers and rewards compensated to viewers. This is completely paid by Brands as well as the VRA is paid in to VeraWallet in escrow to finance Ad Campaigns. VRA revenue from the VeraViews system are accustomed to pay Verasity company expenditures and to be burned on occasion. This will have no material effect on circulating supply and is regarded as non-inflationary. On the contrary, VRA income from VeraViews that are burnt from time to time may be deemed deflationary.

VeraChain (side chain)

In an previously article, Verasity announced it could wait for the Ethereum ‘London fork’ (EIP-1559) results prior to we announced the path we would take with Evidence of View and our bigger entire ad tech remedy (VeraViews). Unfortunately, the adjustments on the GAS fee construction did not solve the underlying issue, leaving us with an system challenge to provide transparency plus accountability without enormous charges that would make the system unscalable.

Consequently we have been announcing the launch from the Verasity Side Chain (VeraChain) in the form of a Tron blockchain fork.

Precisely why Tron?

  • Tron blockchain is an founded blockchain solution that has a new community and market existence for many years. Tron network offers processed more than 2 . several Billion transactions generated simply by more than 51 million balances since its inception.
  • Higher throughput compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Scalability and Solidity wise contracts
  • Just blockchain supported by Samsung
  • Over 100M MAUs uses the Tron blockchain network
  • The particular Tron blockchain source program code is monitored by a huge community and is constantly enhanced

Exactly why a fork of Tron?

  • No costs
  • We will create control for VeraFier nodes as the only authority upon the network
  • Tron supports Solidity smart agreements in the same way as Ethereum
  • It is scalable horizontally to boost TPS capacity
  • Evidence of Stake is the consensus system which means maintaining the blockchain does not require mining, is a lot faster and does not utilize tremendous energy waste.

What are the benefits for VeraViews?

  • Higher throughput scalable for our requirements so we can store advertisement views information in real time making use of multiple micro transactions.
  • Zero fees to get storing and reading the information. The only expense is the upkeep and running costs associated with VeraFier nodes that are distribute across the VeraFiers Network.
  • Lower carbon impact by using Proof of Stake rather than Proof of Work consensus upon VeraChain.
  • Suitability with VRA token smart contract intended for future improvements.
  • Closed loop data period for immutability.

VeraViews plus PoV rollout

  • Proof of concept plus alpha testing — passed
  • Closed beta — ongoing
  • Integration with major business video platform by finish of Q4 (In debate & TBA)
  • PoV MVP — Q4 2021
  • DSP/SSP MVP — Q1 2022
  • VeraViews Platform Scaling — 2022

About Verasity

Verasity. io is a protocol and item layer platform for esports and video entertainment. Verasity’s mission is to significantly boost engagement and monetization designed for video publishers on any kind of video platform. Verasity items include: a proprietary advertisement stack and the VRA Benefits System integrated into SDKs pertaining to YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo and everything major video platforms. Verasity’s patented Proof of View, the protocol layer technology provides transparency and immutability in order to defeat online ad scams and NFT fraud.

Verasity Roadmap

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