Vanilla Network launch NFTs on Vulcans Marketplace for Sin City land sale

Vulcan Forged Market place will be web hosting Vanilla Network ’s initial limited edition NFTs. Owners is going to be receiving priority access to the particular land sale of the Metaverse Sin City Land as well as a lot more incentives.

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Sin City Land Sale

Within preparation for the land purchase and $SIN IDO; To the 1st of August, Vanilla Network will begin list limited edition NFT’s (Non-fungible tokens) on the Vulcan Forged Marketplace.

Land in Sin City is going to do a number of things.

(1) You can build on it along with SDK kits provided. We will be sending some demonstrations soon; it will be quite a good interactive experience.

(2) This game essentially will certainly revolve around ‘empire building’ (such as building night clubs, creating a criminal racket, hiring a poker table plus competing against other gangs) therefore , you will have the option in order to rent your land to acquire rewards and even generating staking rewards from various underworld activities.

Because the land and the game grows, places in prominent locations will likely rise in value. We all anticipate third-party gaming apps will join the metaverse making this a more immersive encounter.

The NFT rewards

🥇Gold NFT Rewards

* You are going to receive a 10 $VNLA airdrop on the 14th August 2021, the launch date from the Head-to-Head betting platform.

* You will obtain an IDO spot towards the Sin City ($SIN) IDO expression sale. There will only end up being limited public presale places for this IDO expected to start in Q4 2021.

* You will also receive a concern place for the $LAND purchase within the Metaverse, allowing you to choose premium locations ahead of various other participants. Expected Q4 2021.

* You will be whitelisted for a spot in the Precious metal Staking Reward pool. It is a 325% APY pool (pro-rated for 45 days), to will need to stake for forty five days to receive your benefits. A maximum stake associated with 250 $VNLA is permitted for this pool.

* We expect the particular staking pool to release soon after the completion of the particular NFT sale.

🥈Silver NFT Rewards

2. You will receive a 10 $VNLA airdrop on the 14th Aug 2021, the launch time of the Head-to-Head betting system.

* You may receive an IDO place to the Sin City ($SIN) IDO token sale. There will just be limited public presale spots for this IDO likely to launch in Q4 2021.

* You will be whitelisted for a spot in the Silver precious metal Staking Reward pool. It is a 300% APY pool (pro-rated for 30 days), to will need to stake for thirty days to receive your rewards. The maximum stake of two hundred and fifty $VNLA is allowable intended for this pool.

2. We expect the staking pool to launch immediately after the completion of the NFT sale.

There will be long term rewards received for these slots as time progresses, as well as the NFT must be owned in the point of airdrops; and the land sale happening. The staking rewards just for Gold & Silver NFT owners will be significantly more compared to future APY releases for that chocolate & strawberry staking pools. Hence, the significance & value. However , these private pools will still be released after the head-to-head dApp goes live.

The particular NFT auctions

(1) These will be in an public sale format on the Vulcan Forged Marketplace , which will need to be purchased along with $PYR .

(2) Create a The Forge account, fund with $PYR.

(3) For long term waves of NFT’s Additionally, you will have to commit to sending ten $VNLA to the wallet tackle in order to participate in the auction.

* Note $VNLA burns at 5% for each transaction, so transferring eleven $VNLA to the wallet deal with provided would ensure you have got 10 $VNLA available to take part in the auction.

Note, PYR / MATIC is the symbol that is used for the MyForge finances and marketplace. If you do occur to have the PYR/ETH version, after that this can be seamlessly bridged inside the MyForge wallet. However , in case you are buying it for the first TIME all of us recommend buying the PYR or MATIC token to reduce fees.

Create a My Forge account

View the video below and create 1 HERE .

Using Vulcan Forged Marketplace

It is really simple to use the marketplace, take a look around and play with all of the options. Below is a more in depth article on how to use the Market.

The first location we need to visit is your Vulcan Forged wallet. After signing into your account select the My Wallets Option in the upper correct hand of the website.

This would bring up all the wallets within your VulcanForged Account


Now that we’ve determined that we have enough funds, and are ready to transact with the marketplace, we have to convert PYR | MATIC into OPEN FIRE

FIRE will be the intermediary token used in the particular Vulcan Forged marketplace. As putting in a bid on items is fast fire, it is impractical to await for every bidder to exchange their PYR | MATIC to an escrow wallet prior to the bid is allowed (and then transfer it back once again if they are outbid). So we possess created a smart contract where you transform your PYR token FIRE (1: 1 ratio) , and use FIRE to bid which is quick. You can then convert your FIRE back to PYR when you like.

To transform PYR | MATIC in to FIRE , simply go to your MARKETPLACE WALLET (Different than your own VuclanForged Wallet) by going to your own profile picture, and choosing MY BUDGET from the MARKETPLACE

Your own MARKETPLACE BUDGET only consists of two tokens your PYR Which is the same as the PYR | MATIC from your accounts, and your FIREPLACE wallet that will holds any converted PYR you may have to transact plus bid with

To convert anywhere of PYR to FIRE Simply enter the amount of PYR you wish to convert in the correct side box and select Convert Now

To convert anywhere of OPEN FIRE back into PYR , basically enter the amount of FIRE you intend to convert in the left part box, and select Convert Now

For security purposes, VulcanForged will ask you to enter your own pin code and 2 Factor Code to exchange funds. Simply enter all of them in the spaces provided plus click Swap Now

Once your information continues to be confirmed, you’ll get an information letting you know the conversion is usually in progress

NOTE: You may need to refresh the particular browser in order to see the updated balances

You can do these types of conversions at any time as you have to purchase things from the market place.

Once you conclude that you have some FIRE within your account, you can check out industry by going to Marketplace to the correct of your profile menu

In the marketplace, a person will see

  • The lookup bar at the top, in case you are looking for something specific
  • Filter to the left, in order to weed out anything you are certainly not interested in browsing
  • Sort bars, to organize the particular NFTS either Number of products, price, or by recent

From the filtration system menu, you can sort plus filter the type of NFTs that you’re

looking to purchase plus selecting apply.

IF you find something which catches your eye, you will notice pictures, NFT ID, plus pricing details included

Another way to search through the marketplace is using the Market Action tab, on the upper left-hand side to display all the items within tabular form.

From this level you can see

  • Open Auctions
  • Open Bids
  • Auction History
  • Bid History
  • Open Trades
  • Closed Trades
  • Closed Offers

The research bar in the middle right-hand aspect can also help you narrow straight down your search in each of these classes

Once you find what you’re searching for you can select a view to spread out the Auction

From the auction display, you will see

  • NFT Name
  • Auction Owner tackle ( VET Address, as it homes the NFTs )
  • Beginning Bid price
  • Bet Expiration time
  • Buy Now price
  • NFT Details
  • Bid History
  • Item properties

There are TWO ways to buy any particular item. The foremost is through the PUTTING IN A BID PROCESS as well as the other is the immediate BUY NOW

The NFT proprietor sets the minimum he is willing to accept for the product as the BET PRICE , what he’d like to receive for the product as the PURCHASE NOW PRICE, and how long he is ready to wait for the auction in order to close as the EXPIRY DATE

If you’re not familiar with the putting in a bid process, it works like this

  1. You make your OPEN FIRE , for the amount within the BID COST ( The fireplace will be removed from your balance and become held until the auction closes)
  2. Before the auction runs out, anyone else is able to enter a cost, higher than the lowest bid cost, in whatever interval quantity the auction owner sets.
  3. When the auction concludes, the highest bid gets granted the NFT , and all other offers get their FIREPLACE returned in order to their accounts

If you want to get into a bid, you enter it within the BID price box and choose Place Bid

NOTICE: If you want to use the Auto-bid function, you may also enter a number within the box for maximum car bid, that will automatically location bids in your name as much as your maximum amount anybody bids higher than you

If you are happy with the cost you just select Buy Now with PYR /FIRE

In case you select the Buy Now choice, you’ll receive a confirmation information

Once you accept, it will procedure your request, and you should get your brand new NFT

You are able to verify that you have received your own NFT by selecting THE ITEMS from the User Menus on the upper right-hand part

Your item will appear within your collection

You may see the product details associated with your NFT by selecting View Item Detail under the NFT you want to view

Item Details include

  • NFT Title
  • DappID
  • Current Owner (will be your Vechain address)
  • Edition
  • Level
  • PYR staked
  • Among a few others


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