Ultra Mainnet is live!

A major phase for the 2021 launch from the Ultra platform

Ultra’s Co-CEOs live and inhale gaming. Their history with each other within the space has been productive and they’ve embarked upon several projects, including the development of a games studio, founding a game strategy monetization firm, and developing a considerable games console with AMD for that Chinese market.

It is no surprise then that their own latest project is Super. Thanks to their extensive encounter in the industry and a forward-thinking method of technology, Ultra was born to provide power to gamers and game developers in a way no one offers ever seen before.

When it comes down to it, what does Super stand for? We can say it is innovation, technology, or even freedom — but that doesn’t quite convey it. Ultra is all of this combined and more. Since 2018, we’ve been working hard to construct an ecosystem that benefits players and game programmers, and we’re proud to express we’ve reached our newest milestone, Super Mainnet is live!

As the Ultra Mainnet launches today, let’s have a look at its blockchain and what this implies for game developers plus players globally.

Blockchain use cases: Gaming

How will blockchain influence the gaming space? To really understand the extent and great Ultra’s network, first, you will have to recognize its fundamental use cases.

True possession of digital gaming assets

Blockchain makes it possible to have got permanent ownership and complete control of the games you purchase plus in-game assets that you get as you go along. Assets include skins, devices, characters, and even user-generated articles. There was no public plus impartial online infrastructure in order to verify the ownership of the goods before blockchain technologies. Now, any user, game, service or application may record, track, and confirm who possesses these digital items.

A non-custodial and fully decentralized industry

Ultra’s marketplace’s technology is non-custodial naturally. That means that at any time, even though you have your assets for sale, it’s still in your own stock and under your ownership. You will never have to give them to the third-party store to put all of them up for sale on your behalf.

Quick, seamless, plus secure payments in crypto and fiat

The strength of smart contracts is extremely useful in the gaming area. It can facilitate payments plus asset transfers between gamers, developers, and influencers in just a trustless environment. It also enables per purchase instant income shares to be processed on-chain, fully auditable, all whilst being mindful of nearby laws and regulations.

The gaming multiverse for NFTs

In-game data plus user-generated content can be tokenized as NFTs that can after that be traded on the industry with complete transparency plus permission from game designers. When players contribute to a property ecosystem, they increase the general value of the game plus extend its lifetime. This particular increases loyalty and attention and creates new business possibilities.

Ultra’s blockchain brings players these exciting changes and much more! With Ultra, you get a chance to monetize your gameplay, business your games and in-game assets, and be rewarded pertaining to participating in beta tests plus watching live streams. Not just that but you’ll also be compensated for bringing other users towards the platform through our multi-level referral program and the content promoter program.

The referral program consists of two levels: You’ll obtain 2% revenue from many games and DLCs bought by the person you known the Ultra platform. In the event that user refers others, you’ll receive an additional 1% for all games and DLCs purchased by that 2nd person. More details on how to begin using the referral program is going to be shared in the coming weeks!

More about Ultra’s blockchain features

Along with Ultra’s Mainnet launched, we have reached an inflection stage in the history of the task. This event represents the advancement of our concepts and tips into something that we hope may have a far-reaching impact on the whole industry. We’re ready to create a big splash.

Our own unique proposition is based on the idea that an user of our system, be it a player, influencer, or even developer, should have an experience onto it that is as transparent as it can be. With this in mind, we focused on making features that solve famous pain points with presently deployed networks.

An example of one of the worst offenders that exist in today’s marketplace is having to pay exorbitant system fees for transactions. We have done away with this intended for 99% of use cases. Transactions on Extremely are free and practically instant. Once the network is saturated, the user’s transactions go into the queue that intelligently purchases by priority, with the customers who staked the most UOS coins getting pushed towards the front of the queue.

In our Testnet benchmarks , this mechanism has proved to be utterly effective and allows our system to scale well above 12, 000 transactions per second.

Simple blockchain accounts are one more excellent improvement. Users don’t have to personally manage keypairs if they usually do not want to, which allows us to make sure that we dramatically reduce the situations of lost assets plus accounts . We’ll end up being delving into this extremely powerful protocol feature in the dedicated article.

As part of our toolset, Super has built an on-chain oracle for UOS token USD conversion rates, which we use in house for things like NFT market pricing or Block Producers benefits. This allows all of us to provide a fair, consistent transaction mechanism that will ensure the particular long-term success of the system , and a path intended for quickly improving the used infrastructure so that we can level as the platform grows.

Of course , our platform is targeted on NFTs, and Extremely has spent a considerable amount of time and energy fine-tuning our new NFT standard. It has many distinctive features that enable programmers to provide new and interesting opportunities for players and people that are interested in the monetization of digital assets on this gaming platform. With this standard, we’ll end up being deploying NFT marketplaces designed for games and other assets that will run on the public Mainnet and so are seamlessly integrated within a healthy Ultra experience.

Finally, we’re pleased to announce that with the release of the Mainnet we’ll become providing our users having a set of features that permit seamless, bi-directional token swaps between Ethereum and our Mainnet. Which means that you can take advantage of our brand new platform but still have access to liquidity in decentralized markets like Uniswap.

We’re truly excited with this launch as it is the culmination of years of research and development. We all can’t wait for you all of the to use it! We’ll end up being publishing a dedicated article to assist smart contract developers around the world create and publish applications inside the Ultra ecosystem.

About Ultra

Ultra is the first enjoyment platform providing all essential games industry services within single roof, accessible by way of a single login.

Constructed around our PC game distribution platform, Ultra Online games, our platform will provide entry to countless centralized and decentralized services: Discover, buy, enjoy and sell your games plus in-game items, watch live-streaming feeds, interact with your favorite influencers, participate in contests, compete within tournaments and much more.

Ultra has been created to extinguish the frontier among blockchain and mass marketplace, between DAPPS and Applications and between legacy products and NFTs.

For additional information, please visit https://ultra.io, plus follow along on our main Tweets account , our gaming Tweets account , Youtube and Telegram .

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