The Walking Dead LAND Sale — Wave 2: Alexandria

The Walking Dead PROPERTY Sale — Wave 2: Alexandria

New sightings from the horde have been reported. These are making their way to Alexandria and can reach it on Sept 2nd at 1PM UTC.

Join Glenn to combat the intrusion.

The particular Walking Dead’s second PROPERTY sale is scheduled to get September 2nd at 1PM UTC. During this wave, 502 LANDs and 95 high quality LANDs will be for sale round the Alexandria safe-zone area.

Visit the particular map at 1PM UTC to grab your own LAND — while you still can.


  • A total associated with 502 LANDs and ninety five Premium LANDs are for sale
  • A total associated with 5x ESTATEs S (3×3), 4x ESTATEs M (6×6) and 2x ESTATEs D (12×12) will be available in this round and will be sold in public sale on OpenSea.
  • Among the ESTATE L touches the primary The Walking Dead 24×24 ESTATE, giving them extra value.
  • The highest bid in late the 24hr auction will certainly win the ESTATE.
  • Two new partners possess joined the sale: Equipment of Rock and Rate Zero NFT.

Make sure you possess a registered account at The Sandbox prior to the PROPERTY sale begins.

Brand new Partners

The particular horde is getting so beyond control that we had to enlist 2 additional partners to keep all of them at bay and keep the Earth safe.

Equipment of Rock

Tools of Rock Vol. I is a collection of eight, 500 unique and generative NFTs rocking on the Ethereum blockchain that is meant to be the journey through rock plus roll history.

Rate Zero NFT

The year is 2050. The next-generation group of “beasts” came across Earth. They are the initial group of super-naturals to arrive in the world. After only 11 times, humans have become completely vanished. As they assert their prominence across Earth, they find the remains of what people have created — 200, 000 many years of their work, to be precise. This is their story.

Premium LANDs

Each Premium LAND, in the second wave will be marketed with five exclusive NFTs from the The Walking Deceased universe. These LANDs may have 1 Common, 2 Uncommon, 1 Epic and one Legendary Premium NFTS.

Why are the particular 12×12 ESTATEs touching the primary The Walking Dead PROPERTY and why should I care?

The PROPERTY L for wave two is number 2

For these four surf there will be four large Properties, one for sale for each influx. All of these ESTATEs have a perfect location around the main 24×24 The Strolling Dead ESTATE and at the very center of the map .

Being neighbours with a brand as important as The Walking Dead will likely generate higher foot visitors from players, which this turn can potentially equal extra income through monetisation.

ESTATE Auctions

All of the auctions for this influx can be accessed below:

*Note that the 12×12 PROPERTY won’t be in the Influx 2— Commonwealth area. Rather it will have a much more coveted place, touching the main The Strolling Dead ESTATE.

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