The Walking Dead LAND Sale — Wave 1

The Walking Dead PROPERTY Sale — Wave 1: The Prison

Walkers have situated the Metaverse and will achieve it on August 26th at 1PM UTC.

Pack your things up and head over to the particular Prison area of the map in order to contain the invasion. 530 Countries and 120 Premium Gets surrounding the Prison, is going to be for sale to hold off the intrusion.

Head over to the chart at 1PM UTC to grab your PROPERTY, while you still can.

Exclusive The Strolling Dead NFTs


We are introducing the particular Dutch Auction during The Strolling Dead LAND sales.

  • A total of two times ESTATEs S (3×3), 3x ESTATEs M (6×6) plus 1x ESTATE L (12×12) will be available during this circular and will be sold in auction on OpenSea.
  • Each PROPERTY L touches the main The particular Walking Dead 24×24 PROPERTY, giving them extra value.
  • Each ESTATE will have another start and end cost depending on its size.
  • The price will drop every single second from the start price till one bidder accepts the present bid after which the public sale will be over.
  • Only one bid can be placed at the Dutch auction, so time is of the essence.

Be sure you have a registered account on The Sandbox before the PROPERTY sale begins.

Superior LANDs

With this first wave, each Superior LAND will be sold along with five exclusive NFTs through the The Walking Dead world. These LANDs will have one Common, 2 Rare, one Epic and 1 Famous Premium NFTS.

How does the Nederlander auction work?

The particular auction will begin at the beginning price corresponding to the size and will slowly reduce to the corresponding end price.

The particular first individual to accept the particular bid will get the PROPERTY. You will have to be quick when the PROPERTY reaches the price you want to bet at or someone might get it before you do.

The PROPERTY L for wave one is number 1

Why are the 12×12 ESTATEs touching the main The particular Walking Dead ESTATE plus why should I care?

For these four waves you will see four large ESTATEs, one particular for sale for each wave. These ESTATEs have a prime place around the primary 24×24 The Walking Lifeless ESTATE with the very middle of the map .

Being neighbors using a brand as influential since the Walking Dead will also produce higher foot traffic through players, which it change can potentially equal more income via monetisation.


All the auctions for this wave could be accessed below:

*Note how the 12×12 ESTATE won’t take the Wave 1 — Prison region. Instead it will have a much more desired location, touching the main The particular Walking Dead ESTATE.

See you in the Metaverse !

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