The Walking Dead LAND Sale — Four Weeks of Apocalyptic Mayhem, starting on August 26th!

The Walking Dead PROPERTY Sale — Four Weeks of Apocalyptic Mayhem, starting on August 26th!

The Ramblers are entering the Metaverse. Starting August 26th from 1 PM UTC. Get a survival gear ready!

The survivors of the apocalypse have got on our Metaverse. Meet the well-known heroes of the renowned amusing series Rick, Glenn, as well as the infamous Negan in their voxelized form within our exclusive The particular Walking Dead LAND sale.

Sign up to get your special The Walking Dead survivor backpack before the first ramblers reach the Metaverse:


  • 4 surf will take place every Thursday beginning on August 26th on 1PM UTC until Sept 16th.
  • Superior LANDs will be specific in order to each wave with a package deal of five exclusive NFTs each wave.
  • Glenn, Rick, and Negan is going to be among the NFTs that will be offered with the Premium LANDs.
  • All ESTATEs will be offered via Dutch auction.
  • Each large ESTATE is going to be located close to the main 24×24 The Walking Dead ESTATE.
  • The Queue-It program won’t be effective during these sales.

Every week a new wave will be exposed around an iconic area from the comics, with a various set of NFTs including an unique hero, equipment and huge prop bundled with the Premium LANDs.

Unique Possessions

Each High quality LAND will come with an unique group of assets that you can use to build a person very own The Walking Deceased experiences inside The Sandbox. Every wave will have a different group of NFTs, which are unique towards the Walking Dead, and can just be acquired through High quality LANDs or Opensea.


All of the ESTATEs will be auctioned upon OpenSea at the same time as every wave begins every week. Nevertheless , for this special event we are modifying things up a bit. All the Properties will be listed via Dutch auction.

  • Each ESTATE will have a beginning and ending price based on its size (small, moderate or large)

How does the particular Dutch auction work?

The auction will begin on the starting price corresponding in order to its size and will gradually decrease to the corresponding finish price. The first person to accept the bid can get the ESTATE. You will have to stop wasting time when the ESTATE reaches the cost you want to bid at or even someone could get it prior to you do.

Influx 1 — The Prison

Opening the Walking Dead PROPERTY sale on August 26th at 1PM UTC with all the sale of 530 LANDs plus 120 Premium LANDs encircling the Prison.

Premium NFTs includes a bundle of five NFTs

Wave 2 — Alexandria

Following the events from the first wave, we will create our way to the Earth on September 2nd exactly where 502 LANDs and ninety five Premium LANDs will be offered. This will also be the time to form teams with Glenn, the barrel or clip riot shield, the chapel, a walker and survivor NPC.

Wave 3 — The Commonwealth

For that third wave of this PROPERTY sale we reach the particular Alexandria Safe-Zone colony upon September 9th where the notorious Negan awaits you with his baseball bat Lucille, along with the windmill the walker and survivor NPC. You will be able to purchase some of the 416 LANDs and 97 Premium LANDs.

Wave 4 — Sanctuary

We will achieve the final location of our PROPERTY on sale on September sixteenth at 1PM UTC to will be able to purchase some of the 602 LANDs and 200 High quality LANDs that will include the last round of exclusive The particular Walking Dead NFTs.

We will have more info just around the corner for this new event therefore stay tuned!

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