The Story Behind the Creation of the Shrine of Truth and more — Creators’ Interview #12: Sand Rush

The Story Behind the Creation of the Shrine of Truth and more — Creators’ Interview #12: Sand Rush

Welcome to our Game Creators interview series, where we feature creators and members of The Sandbox community, giving them a platform to share with you their stories.

In this edition of Game Creators, we speak with Sand Rush, several artists that met within The Sandbox’s Discord server and teamed up to turn into a big sensation in the Metaverse. Read about their collaborative creation, The Shrine of Truth, that was sold to the CyberKongz team for a whopping 100, 000 $SAND and discover more about their universe!

Very early environmental mock-up used to test game play

Tell us somewhat about the team

Do you believe in the butterfly effect? Sometimes in life, a tiny decision can have huge results. The Sandbox Rush team is a perfect exemplory instance of this. As it turns out, in case a group of creative people meet up, creative things happen! It started with a few 👍(thumbs up) emojis in Discord, and gradually evolved right into a group of artists with a standard goal. Next, we were writing a game design document together to see what happens. Now, the Sand Rush team consists of a dozen people from around the globe! (Shout out to the team below). Originally we met while working as voxel artists for The Sandbox Creators Fund . One thing led to another, and soon we are all submersed in to the metaverse. We couldn’t be much more excited. We are proud to become a part of emerging technologies, and surrounded by like-minded individuals from around the globe.

How did you first hear about The Sandbox?

The majority of our team has been dealing with the Sandbox Creator Fund since early 2020, and also have all stumbled across the Sandbox metaverse in different ways. Personally, i came across The Sandbox while exploring free lance are a voxel artist. Works out The Sandbox has a Creator Fund grant, and had a demand for voxel artists. From there, our conversations started to gain momentum now here we all are!

Alter of Enurath — Highly detailed NFT available soon!

How did you develop your first game idea?

Our first game has gone through several stages of evolution. In fact , initially we had plans to build a style park type experience! Soon our conversations evolved in to talks about a giant legendary tree called the “Tree of a Thousand Lights”. This tree is designed to be an attraction, a landmark and a beacon of hope in the crumbling world around it. If you choose to visit this legendary tree, you must begin on a journey. This journey will have many of its adventures along the way. This is whenever we started to plan out our first Sandbox based game “Jungle Rush”.

What exactly is the story behind Jungle Rush?

When you first enter “Jungle Rush”, you immediately know you’re entering a place of old magic, mystery, and lore. It doesn’t take you long to become consumed by the jungle, and acquire lost in its beauty. But beware, ancient technologies lurk in the shadows, and they don’t look very friendly.

Sometime ago, when humans were along the way of evacuating their 2nd earth, they found themselves with an over abundance of machinery. Due to cargo restrictions these machines were put aside, and left for rust. It started with older model robots being airdropped deep into the jungle, and quickly evolved into an heap of so called “scrap” scattered across the land.

No one is precisely sure how long robots try evolve. What we can say for certain, is that over time these machines have gained the capability to repair themselves, and they never have forgotten how the humans left them for waste.

Robots are not the only thing you will confront in Jungle Rush! Prepare to forge through jungle terrain, explore daunting cliffs, and discover the land of the Anuran tribe!

How did Light Trail Adventures and Sand Rush meet and what decided one to join forces to build an experience?

You never know who you will meet in the Sandbox metaverse. Light Trail Adventures noticed our LANDs were close to each other in The Sandbox Metaverse and reached out to us. Through talking we discovered that both our teams strive for top quality content, and maintain similar fundamentals. We invited them to brainstorm together with us on Discord. Our conversations were fun and productive so we decided to go full force on creating a truly unique NFT together.

Close-up of a large part section of the legendary “Shrine of Truth” collaboration

Tell us a little more about Shrine of Truth

At the start of this project, we were introduced to some other team of artists from Light Trail Adventures . After having a brief introduction with both teams, we knew we’d something special to offer as a cohesive unit. We began to feel the excitement that accompany starting something new and unique. Both teams agreed we needed to make something EPIC . After some brainstorming, it became obvious that people should manufacture a giant shrine that could be used as a centerpiece on a LAND. Since this is a collaborative piece, one of our goals was to make sure elements from both SAND RUSH , and LIGHT TRAIL ADVENTURES were included in the final version.

The “Shrine of Truth” is an one of a kind landmark in the Metaverse

How was your experience with the Game Maker?

If it wasn’t for the overall game Maker and Voxedit, this project could not exist. It is often fun to watch things gradually improve over time. The Game Maker is powerful, and user friendly. With each update, more impressive features are released. The Sandbox team is attentive to suggestions, and ideas we now have had. VoxEdit has evolved from its early stages, right into a powerful voxel editing pc software, and animation program. Creative concepts have been implemented with updates over time, and we can’t wait to see what will happen in the future.

All of us loves to do quick mock-ups in the Game Maker to check innovative ideas

What do you enjoy most about these projects? And what did you discover challenging?

The Sandbox Rush team has been exploring the limits of The Sandbox since pre-release. As it happens that the most enjoyable element of this experience has been the people involved. Growing together as artists, and pushing each other to their limits, is a huge once in a lifetime experience. Working through challenges together, and solving problems has established valuable life skills for everybody. Being a collection of artists from around the globe has its own challenges, but we have been able to make it work. Working with staff from The Sandbox has been a true blessing, and we are excited to have been invited to be part of their metaverse!

The MegaBot and QuantumBots — Soon available as exclusive Sandbox NFT’s!

When can we expect to see more content from Sand Rush?

We are working as a team each day on this project, and frequently update social media with screenshots, gifs, videos, teasers, and information regarding development. Soon, you can expect to see an NFT drop from us! We would love for you really to check out our project, and the people involved. We would like to provide a shout out to the team: Pepe Hiller , Necrobombicon , Sisapi , Nest , 5LQD , momo22_ph , CyberDragon , and Pandapops . A unique thanks to Ven , KradSuperSoldier , Diegus and Gatostao . Many thanks for joining us in this adventure!

Any words for aspiring creators?

Do not be afraid of failure, be afraid of perhaps not trying. Hard work, and dedication will always produce improvement. Many times in life, our problems can be approached such as a voxel model, one tiny piece at a time.

We thank the Sand Rush team due to their inspiring words. You can discover more about their universe and show support to their creations by giving them a follow on their social medias listed below:

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