The Sandbox “Summer Festival” Game Jam — Winners!

The Sandbox “Summer Festival” Sport Jam — Winners!


We would like to take this second to thank each and every one of you whom took part in the “Summer Festival” TSB Game Jam! This was the very first of many shorter time frame jellies incorporating the VoxEdit originator assets into the game design!

It was a successful two week long jam with 16 total game submissions. We gave away an overall total of 25, 000 $SAND (Over $17, 000 USD) to creators. It is creators as you that drive The Sandbox ecosystem!

Introducing your Summer Festival game jam WINNERS!

Miss the Awards Live Stream? Check it out!

We had an enjoyable experience announcing the winners live! Check out the recap:

Your First Place Winner!

Save The Day by Metaworlds!

Game Overview: Are you up to the task of helping our hero, among the Summer Festival’s DJs to overcome the obstacles and discover his way to the festival on time? Follow his trip all the way from the Cyberpunk city, through the forest and finally to the Summer festival, in an immersive experience found in just a 1X1 terrain.

Winnings: 10, 000 $SAND!

Second Place Winner!

Fun Police by Blaze Games!

Game Overview: Someone has enabled Party Mode in Police Bay! It’s your job to stop every one from having a good time at all costs.

Winnings: 2, 500 $SAND!

Third Place Winner!

The Hermit and The Festival by Tuschay!

Game Overview: There’s a festival going on at the cove! Everyone is having a great time except one person. Can you convince The Hermit to enjoy the festival?

Winnings: 2, 500 $SAND!

Fourth Place Winner!

Realistic Festival Simulator by WarehousePhil

Game Overview: You arrive at the biggest, strangest music festival in the metaverse with a full bladder and only 10 minutes to figure out where to find your keys, tickets, and a working bathroom. Brawl, bribe, and belch your way to relief or urine trouble!

Winnings: 2, 500 $SAND!

Fifth Place Winner!

Battle of the Sand (BOTS) by Kodizene

Game Overview: The main music concert of Earth is about to begin… don’t miss a beat…

Winnings: 2, 500 $SAND!

A HUGE congratulations to all!

Play the Games!

You are able to download The Sandbox Game Maker RIGHT NOW and PLAY THESE GAMES in the overall game Maker’s Gallery feature! They all are uploaded for you to check out and also have fun messing around with!

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