The Sandbox Music Festival NFT Drop

A summer in the metaverse wouldn’t be quite as fun without a music festival!

To stay in the summer vibe a while longer we are launching a special drop of NFTs in the Marketplace! Get your freshest pair of sunglasses on and get ready for a drop of around 20 NFTs on Friday July 23rd at 3PM UTC in the Marketplace. From concert venues and dance floors to DJs, famous Metaverse artists and even cool cats, summer in The Sandbox will be funky!

We have carefully selected NFTs that can be used in more ways than one and fit in various experience within The Sandbox. After that, it is up to each creator to find unique ways to fit the NFTs in their worlds and have them complete the experience they are building, be it a musical experience, a social hub, a dance zone or something completely different, that is up to you! These NFTs will have as many use cases as your imagination allows.

The Artists behind the NFTs

Meet the talented artist you can thank for the existence of this exclusive NFT sale. If you like one of their creations and would like to see more, click their names below and show them some love.

Number of copies

Here is the complete list of NFTs that will be for sale during this first drop. There won’t be one for everyone so make sure sure you grab them while you can!





We are waiting for you to get this party started in The Sandbox so take your pick at these amazing creations and let’s rock n’ roll!

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