The Bear Market Shrinks Sandbox and Lino DAO While BudBlockz Aims To Boost Return

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The crypto market has been a war between the bull and the bear, with the bear dominating the entire marketplace. While most cryptocurrencies are yet to get out of it, investors fear losing their funds. What could be the remedy?

At this initial stage, it was already hoped and expected that this year would be one with a significant profit boost. However, the crypto space has been red for the past few months. Promising cryptocurrencies like Sandbox and Lino DAO shrink in value.

While this is bound to happen, one way to reduce the intensity of such is by diversifying your investment. Increasing your portfolio with new potential coins like BudBlockz with high utility cases might be the only way out.

Experts have hyped the BudBlockz (BLUNT) cryptocurrency as the next Bitcoin that could save crypto investors from an unbearable disaster. Following its functionality, BudBlockz has a lot to offer especially considering its ability to factor cannabis trading into the crypto space. As the demand for cannabis increases exponentially across the globe, there is no doubt that BudBlockz’s price will surely skyrocket and boost returns.

As the bear market prevails, shaking off Sandbox and Lino DAO, let’s dive in to learn more about BudBlockz.

Sandbox (SAND): The Decentralized Platform for Gamers 

Sandbox is a virtual reality ecosystem where gamers can create, buy, and sell digital materials used in gaming. The Sandbox (SAND) utilizes the power of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and NFTs through blockchain technology to offer an appealing gaming environment.

Though Sandbox has had a substantial influx of investors jumping into the ecosystem, its persistent drop in price has caused investors to panic. The Sandbox (SAND) cryptocurrency is still risky, despite the excitement around the eagerly awaited metaverse.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a surprise if the Sandbox (SAND) price shoots above its current price, as the coin aims to be more attractive in the crypto space.

Lino DAO (LDO) as a Liquidity Staking Mechanism for Ethereum

The Lino DAO (LDO) was launched in 2020 with simple case usage. The essence of Lino DAO is to provide a liquidity-staking platform for Ethereum coins. Users of the coins get rewarded for participating in the staking process.

Some Lino DAO members include Semantic VC, StakeFish, and Terra. Lino DAO has gained successive recognition over the years and can be traded in various exchanges. Despite this growth, the price of LDO is slightly above $1 and remains uncertain due to the current market situation.

Could BudBlockz (BLUNT) Become a Saving Coin?

While the market remains red, there are a lot of expectations for BudBlockz to become the savior of the crypto crash. The BudBlockz (BLUNT) cryptocurrency draws its strength from its utility, having a solid case of functionality.

BudBlockz is a fast-growing community of cannabis lovers who trade cannabis with cryptocurrency. The platform utilizes blockchain technology to offer a permissionless ecosystem where novice and seasoned fans can easily access the global market while maintaining their privacy and decentralization.

Since it’s built on the Ethereum infrastructure, alongside its compatibility with the marijuana industry, $BLUNT is anticipated by experts to skyrocket in price soon. As other Ethereum tokens enjoy the benefits of the Ethereum Merge, this is likely to be an added advantage to spike up the value of the $BLUNT cryptocurrency.

As the purchase of cannabis grows even as more countries seek to legalize its sales, it won’t be surprising when the price of BudBlockz keeps rising.

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