The Atari Token Gaming Competition

In celebration from the upcoming Atari Token Launch, Atari is partnering with three or more pioneers in the blockchain video gaming space, to give back to our own wonderful community!

We want to provide users a taste associated with what the future of electronic interactive entertainment holds and exactly how the Atari Token will be a section of it all!

Atari Token $5, 000+ Competition with over 100 Winners!

Join the competition by going to:

The Atari Token Video gaming Competition is a two-week advertising campaign starting Sept. 4th from 11 AM EST exactly where participants can Win As much as $1, 000 in Atari Token and additional rewards from three or more blockchain-enabled games: The Sandbox , Fight Racers, and Ethermon. Providing a total prize pool worth $5, 000!

Atari Token Video gaming Competition Prizes

  • 1st location: $1, 1000 in Atari tokens (10, 000 Atari tokens)
  • 2nd location: $500 in Atari bridal party (5, 000 Atari tokens)
  • 3rd place: $400 in Atari tokens (4, 000 Atari tokens)
  • 4th place: $200 within Atari tokens (2, 1000 Atari tokens)
  • fifth to 10th place: $100 in Atari tokens (1, 000 Atari tokens)
  • 100 participants: $10 within Atari tokens (100 Atari tokens)

Maximize your chances in order to win Up To $1, 500 in Atari Token by getting into the Atari Token Gaming Competitors! Each effectively performed task on Shine will increase your chances in order to win one of the prizes.


Atari, known internationally for some of the most beloved video gaming in history such as Asteroids®, Breakout®, Centipede®, and others, will provide customers the ability to use their cash in multiple ways through the Atari ecosystem. The Atari Token will have multiple uses, such as the ability for holders from the token to manage purchases, plus track digital assets inside the Atari ecosystem, and as the payment method in the lately announced Atari Casino .

The Atari Token team continues to be working hard to expand the particular Atari Token use cases in cooperation with industry leaders. With the aid of our partners, who are splitting ground with their own improvements, we are excited to introduce you to the particular 3 partners that are installing the foundation for the future of the area and who we will be adding the Atari Token into all of their systems.

In order to commemorate these announcements, we are incredibly grateful to be able to offer additional opportunities to give back to the awesome community with the help of our own wonderful partners! These additional prizes will be provided by 3 or more blockchain-enabled games: The Sandbox , Fight Racers, and Ethermon! More info can be found below:

Side Competitors #1: The Sandbox

  • 1st place: $100 in Atari tokens (1, 000 Atari tokens)& an unique NFT
  • second till 5th place: Exceptional NFT
  • The particular participant with the most sales associated with LANDs referrals: exclusive Property located right near the ATARI LAND (valued +$350 ). ( )


Side Competitors #2 Battle Racers

  • 1st place:
  • $100 in Atari bridal party (1, 000 Atari tokens)& Receives Golden Crate (NFT valued at. 7 ETH)
  • 2nd till fifth place: Receives Golden Cage (NFT valued at. 7 ETH)


Aspect Competition #3 Ethermon

  • 1st place: $100 in Atari tokens (1, 000 Atari tokens), fifty dollars in EMONT (1, five hundred EMONT tokens), #1 Capture Badge New Exclusive Friday, a brand-new series of wednesday, the #1 catch includes a gold badge and in the past a hefty premium. (value +$50 )
  • 2nd until 10th place: Receives a brand new Exclusive Mon (value $50 ) (no catch badge number)
  • 11th to twentieth place: Receives $10 within EMONT (250 EMONT tokens)


These competitions would not end up being possible without the help of our own partners at Arkane Network who will be disseminating the prizes of these contests. Learn more about our partnership here .

Thanks to almost all our partners and especially thanks to all your continued support, and could not be more excited about the upcoming launch and what the near future will bring!

Do not forget to check out the link below for the chance at a piece of that will $5, 1000 prize pool!


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