Team Alice announces open testing of the intro chapter of My Neighbor Alice for ALICE token holders

On August 31st ALICE token holders around the world will be able to take part in an open playtest of a pre-alpha version of the game exactly where players will be able to try the particular introductory chapter of My Neighbor Alice. Take a stroll through Lummesta town, get to know the local people and chat with friends when you experience the introduction part of My Neighbor Alice. The introductory chapter is going to be open for testing till September 30th.

In this My Neighbor Alice pre-alpha you´ll be able to play with the intro chapter of the game

What to play and check in this pre-alpha version?
This is a pre-alpha edition of My Neighbor Alice, which means the quantity of gameplay in this version is restricted to only a few gameplay functions. In this test version these will for example not be accessible: The marketplace, visiting your storyline, building & landscaping.

Say hi to Alice and the local people of Lummesta town
In this pre-alpha edition you´ll play through the launch chapter of the game exactly where you´ll be able to meet and obtain introduced to some of the local people (NPCs) in the game that will give you some simple missions to complete. You´ll also be in a position to meet and chat with many other players and explore the city together.

Meet the locals of Lummesta Town, like Ivan the particular Merchant.

How to get access to the particular pre-alpha testing
To be able to access the playtest you´ll need to have a Vapor account, a Chromia Burial container account and you´ll should also be a token holder associated with ALICE. Here´s one step by step guide in the way to participate in the testing.

Feedback wanted
One of the main reasons we´re performing this open playtest just for ALICE token holders is that we would like your feedback on the game. We’d love to hear your ideas about the My Neighbor Alice world, game play and the characters and create a level better experience together with a person in our community.

The 100 surveys using the best written feedback can receive an NFT free items from My Neighbor Alice. To be qualified you´ll need to submit your own feedback in the survey prior to October 1st. You will find a hyperlink to the survey in our announcement on August 31st.

See you just about all in the neighborhood!


Queen: Will I be able to play-to-earn with this version?
The: No, this feature will never be enabled in the pre-alpha.

Q: Can my progress be conserved?
A: Simply no, this version is for assessment purposes only. Before the major launch of the game, the particular blockchain is subject to resets and that erases all improvement in-game done during the testing period.

Queen: Why is there so little content material in the game?
A: In this first open up testing we wanted to concentrate on introducing the main characters as well as the world of MNA to the community and getting your opinions on this part.

Q: When am i going to be able to test more functions?
A: We all aim to run more exams during 2021 with more functions included such as fishing missions, landscaping and building.

Q: Whenever will the full game start?
A: We all aim to launch the 1 ) 0 version of the major game during spring 2022.

Q: Exactly why do I have to deposit one Alice to get access to the particular game?
The: We want to reward our followers of the project and limiting access to ALICE token holders is a sure way of doing so.

Q: For just how long will the playtest be operational?
A: You’ll be able to participate in the playtest from August 31st in order to September 30th.

We´ll keep updating the particular FAQ section with more solutions to your questions.

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