Stream Video Games to Earn Refereum(RFR)

New Refereum(RFR) is here!

Refereum’s updated platform has now gone live.

We would like to thank our community and beta testers who helped shape our future.

Features of the updated Refereum (RFR)

  • Is super simple to use
  • Let’s you select your favorite top games
  • Automatically creates a page for streamers

And a lot more, keep scrolling!

How do I use the new Refereum (RFR)?

When you enter the new Refereum, you will start watching a stream and earning:

Refereum RFR

When you watch the stream, the bar below the stream fills up and you earn a ticket. The bar fills up every minute of watching — but will pause if you temporarily pause the stream. Every time you fill the bar, you earn a ticket. You can earn as many tickets as you want.

To claim a reward, you must sign into Twitch to earn your tickets:

Refereum RFR

After you sign in, you will be prompted to click the red button on the lower right of the stream that says “Earn $RFR” and be asked to include your Ethereum address to be able to collect $RFR as seen below:

Refereum RFR

Confused or need help generating your Ethereum address? You can read more about it here or watch the tutorial below:

Generate Ethereum Address

The Refereum platform rewards gamers like you every few hours. To pick a winner, it puts all the tickets that have been earned into a pot and picks a random ticket. The owner of that ticket wins! The winner is automatically sent the $RFR reward to their Ethereum address that they entered and are e-mailed with more detailed information. As soon as someone wins, their tickets are reset to zero and they are welcome to start again.

When you win, you will get an automatic reward of $RFR to your Ethereum address and an email that looks like this:

Refereum RFR

You can see a public listing of the sent $RFR (to anonymous Ethereum addresses) and winners linked on a streamer page or right here .

Want to pick a different game and keep earning? Simply click the blue button in the bottom left of the stream to pick your favorite game:

Refereum RFR

More Refereum (RFR) Updates

All of the above comes with new code enhancements, blockchain payment infrastructure improvements, additional account security layers, and more. We are now in a much better position to react to your feedback in regards to the future of the platform.

I have a question or concern! Who can I contact?

As always, we’re hanging in our discord channel  or you can also email .

Thanks again for being here — we look forward to your prize earning feedback! Refereum is built upon your feedback and we would love to hear from you!

With love,
The Refereum team

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