Shaded Headland Land Sale Lottery concluded

On Thursday, August twelfth, we successfully concluded our own second-ever Land Sale Lottery based on Binance Smart Chain for your game’s region known as Tinted Headland.

The Shaded Headland area of Nature´s Rest.

First of all, we would like in order to thank you for your continuous assistance of the My Neighbor Alice task. We are thrilled that a lot of you showed curiosity about owning land in the Tinted Headland region on the tropical isle of Nature’s Rest.

How do I know if I received?
You can check when you have won the lottery by going to the Dashboard . Ensure that you are signed along with your main pocket (not supplementary ones) that you used to down payment tokens for the lottery. Generally there you´ll also be able to notice all stats for the lottery.

On the dashboard you should check out the stats as well as the winners from all previous lotteries

For those of you who were lucky enough in order to win, accepted neighbors to Shaded Headland! Alice and everything her friends look forward to conference you as soon as it is possible.

When can the next lottery be kept?
The next property sale lottery will be kept in September during which Alice will be happy to welcome brand new neighbors to the island associated with Medieval Plains!

The Medieval Flatlands are anchored in an historic time, with a landscape filled with low vegetation and stonework. A great spot for your cows to graze.

More information about the next land purchase lottery will be announced shortly on our telegram channel so please stay tuned just for more news.

See you all in the community!

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