Refereum Update

Hope you are well Before all of us begin, we want to start by stating we hope you are healthy very safe. It’s been a difficult time with the global COVID-19 pandemic and most of all we are hoping you have finally got the time to play your backlog of games. We very much hope you, your loved ones, and your friends, are safe each physically and mentally. To see the gaming plus streaming community band collectively during this time is yet another reminder showing how proud we are to be in this particular industry with you. Tha

Hope a person are well

Before we begin, we would like to start by saying we hope you happen to be healthy and safe. It’s already been a challenging time using the global COVID-19 pandemic and many of all we’re hoping you might have finally had the time to enjoy your backlog of video games. We also very much wish you, your family, and your buddies, are safe both physically and mentally. To find the gaming and streaming neighborhood band together during this time is an additional reminder of how proud we have been to be in this industry together with you. Thank you for aiding fellow players and empathizing with all in this difficult time.

Refereum recently

From top AAA games like Fortnite plus Battlefield, to countless much loved indies, Refereum allowed game developers to usher inside a new-age of marketing simply by rewarding gamers. Millions of players have reaped all kinds of benefits from Refereum. Along this particular journey, we learned about whatever you liked — and what you didn’t. All of us learned what worked intended for game developers — and what did not. We took the Refereum system offline to create that fresh new slate. While we know that choice was frustrating for the short-term, we are confident it was the perfect move for the long term. Since then, we have spoken to users plus game developers about what a brand new Refereum would look like.

The future

We are still learning plus iterating on your and game developer feedback — Refereum is still growing. Before it’s launched, we all don’t want to make promises as to what will and will not be there — as it might change. We want to upgrade you on what we’re focussing on for the new Refereum. When we’ve been focusing on the new Refereum, we’ve unadulterated our top 3 focal points to share:

1 . Focus on simplicity
From 2017 in order to 2020, Refereum quickly extended to solve many different types of user’s problems. Refereum became a car lift of all trades, and a learn of none. The new Refereum will fix that having a laser focus and a much more accessible user experience.

2 . Avenues over everything
We’ve heard you noisy and clear — it’s all about loading. You’re not just watching game streams on Youtube and Twitch anymore, there’s a lot of brand new popular streaming sites which should feel like their part of the Refereum experience. We first taken care of immediately this when we partnered with TRON and DLive to bring you rewards designed for watching on other solutions. Next, the new Refereum may support all these new methods to watch. We’ll also improve this experience by concentrating on rewards for watching avenues rather than other ways like actively playing in game. More of exactly what you want.

3. Extra agile
The new Refereum system benefits from a rebuild associated with it’s technical foundation. This permits Refereum token be updated simply and more frequently based on your own feedback. Meaning we can include the right ideas and quickly deploy bug fixes meant for Refereum.

We have used these as support beams for the new Refereum and are also happy where they have directed us. Remember, this is not the inclusive list — we’re excited to display you more.

Your feedback

As always, we want to thank you to our community for their ongoing support and feedback in this rebuild. Your feedback instructions us into building the suitable new version of Refereum that best solves your own problems. We’re excited that you should see the new Refereum.

If you would like to be a beta tester before launch — or get in contact for any reason, feel free to e-mail team@refereum. com .

Wishing a person, your family, and friends excellent health during this time.
See you online,
~Dylan and the entire Refereum team

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