Refereum March Updates

Catch up on all things Refereum with our monthly updates! Showcased Game Hubs In the past 30 days, we’ve featured four game hubs, with 2 nevertheless actively running right now. Audiences can still join the on-going RAD and Knights plus Bikes hubs, watch a few streams, and enter in order to earn rewards in the 2 hubs. Conan Exiles (ended) Monster Train beta (ended) Knights and Bikes RAD Promotional Hubs What are marketing hubs? Promo hubs are just available for streamers who produce a Refereum Hub. By c

Catch up on everything Refereum with our monthly updates!

Featured Game Hubs

During the past month, we’ve featured 4 game hubs, with two still actively running today. Viewers can still join the particular ongoing RAD and Knights in battle and Bikes hubs, view some streams, and get into to earn rewards within the two hubs.

Conan Exiles (ended)

Creature Train beta (ended)

Knights and Bikes


Promotional Hubs

What are promotional hubs? Promo hubs are just available for streamers who produce a Refereum Hub. By making a Refereum hub , streamers will certainly receive access to promo hubs where they can receive electronic keys for games these are interested in streaming. In the past 30 days, we’ve given out keys to get five new games:

Conan Exiles (ended)

Diabotical beta (ended)

Monster Train beta (ended)


Knights and Bikes

Inventor Hubs

Over 50 new makers became Refereum Partners this particular month and are rewarding their own communities for tuning to their streams. If you are an originator interested in joining as a Refereum partner, you’ll also obtain access to free keys plus rewards just for streaming —

As always, if you’re seeking to catch some new livestreams and earn awesome benefits in the process — check out to watch our complete roster of Refereum Joined streamers!


We are encouraging social removing and hoping that a lot more people are staying indoors to be able to promote health precautions and stop further spread of COVID-19. We’ll be launching a big scale campaign with certainly one of our current partners in order to incentivize our users designed for staying indoors and viewing more streams — #stayhomegamemore

Creator Self-Sign Up Page

The originator self-sign up page resolves many problems that traditional makers always have: identifying your best fans and showing all of them love for tuning into the streams. With a Refereum Center, you’ll be able to see which usually viewers tune into your avenues the most and reward all of them for supporting you.

The creator recommendation program is still ongoing! Relate a create a Refereum Centre and you’ll earn RFR for each successful hub development. Read the official blog for any of the details:

Creator Personal Signup Page is Live

We’re excited to announce which the creator self-signup page can be live for all users to look at! The creator self-signup web page is a major milestone for that Refereum platform — it allows makers on Twitch, Mixer or even DLive to come to refereum. com and automatically develop their own personalized hub. Alon…

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Reward Store Restocks

We’ve restocked $20, fifty dollars, $100 Steam gift credit cards that you can now redeem along with RFR — we’re also expanding the particular games network in the reward store, so get ready for a lot more options to redeem your RFR.

What is Refereum?

Refereum is really a games rewards platform that will rewards you for performing what you love — playing and appealing with your favorite games. Simply by joining a hub upon Refereum, you can earn prizes intended for completing quests — whether it’s loading a specific game or mentioning your friends, you’ll accumulate factors that can be redeemed for rewards.

If you’ve got any queries about getting started with Refereum or even you’re looking for a new number of friends to game along with, hop into our Discord — we’re super excited to have you sign up for the Refereum community. All of us can’t wait to prize even more gamers for carrying out what they love.

Streamers! Create a free center on Refereum and start fulfilling your community today:

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