Panel on Virtual Worlds Ecosystems

A live panel conversation about the present and upcoming of the Metaverse

What are the new frontiers to get Virtual Worlds? Join the live panel conversation which includes of the most influential people within the Metaverse.

The quick expansion of virtual realms has created new types of financial systems and ecosystems. Our interpersonal life and calendars have got soon been populated with additional virtual events than ever, producing engaging and rewarding possibilities for many. But what is the expected life of a Metaverse, which one can survive the pandemic time period and how will we become living our social plus working life virtually within five years time?

Tune in to discover the latest up-dates from the Metaverse and connect to some of the most active people within the space.




A devoted Investor/blogger in Decentraland along with other NFT projects. His functions include NFT market evaluation content and frequent occasion hosting in Decentraland.

The MetaKey

TJ Kawamura

TJ Kawamura

TJ Kawamura is a Companion at Republic Crypto, the blockchain advisory and purchase firm. He also prospects Republic’s Realm Fund that is a professionally-managed, diversified digital real estate property NFT fund.

Republic Real Estate

Quoc Bao Ngo

Quoc Bao Ngo

Quoc may be the Co-founder and CEO associated with Myreality. He is a Game player and business builder. Quoc is also a The Sandbox Online game Ambassador.


Noah Swain

Noah Swain

Noah is the CEO associated with NTF Property Group, the virtual real estate agency maintenance metaverse platforms like Decentraland, The Sandbox and others. He is the licensed real estate broker and it is based out of Wilmington, New york.

NFT Property Group

Watch Panel , 06 18, 4pm CET.

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