October Development Update!

What a 30 days October was! We strike new highs for month-to-month growth across all metrics. Battlers, traders, holders, plus volume all skyrocketed because the world continues to wake up to the revolution.

The big news from the month was related to AXS , our governance token, that is now live on Binance and Uniswap ! Behind the scenes, we all made significant progress upon land gameplay, our brand new battle system, and Ronin. Let’s dive in.

Growth and Adoption

October noticed our NFT Marketplace put up spectacular numbers. 4, 018 ETH volume came from Axie product sales while item and property sales totaled 2572 ETH. This combined for a total monthly NFT volume of six, 090 ETH. Remember that four. 25% of this volume will be taken as fees. This means that when the Community Treasury were reside, 280 ETH would have already been deposited in the Treasury, simply from the marketplace sales! This particular demonstrates how all AXS holders are incentivized to assist grow the game plus scale trading volume.

The number of Axie holders ballooned 43% through 9, 419 holders in order to 13, 499. Zooming out there, we crossed 5, 500 Axie holders on Come july 1st 7th and currently have fifteen, 332. That’s 206% development in 4 months!

Monthly active users entered 9, 000 for the first time within October, after starting the particular month at 5, five hundred. Our organic, community-driven method is working and our own movement is gaining energy rapidly. On November eighth, we crossed 10, 1000 monthly users — a major landmark.

We noticed many notable sales to the marketplace during October which includes a record breaking sale of three-way mystic Axie, angel with regard to 300 ETH!

Axie Infinity @AxieInfinity

✨A new report! ✨ 300 ETH regarding triple mystic Axie, Angel! Mystic Axie overview 👇 medium. com/axie-infinity/…

Nov 6th 2020

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Axie continues to gain new allies as we welcome the AAVE team to the community. They may be sponsoring Season 13 with AAVE rewards plus we’ve designed a special AAVE-themed item which you can claim here .


October saw massive improvement on the land gameplay front side. We’re starting to see the unified and interlocking program emerge and we can’t wait around to share with you! Here’s a summary of what happened:

  • Axies can now collect resources and craft tools
  • Resources can now be designed into furniture
  • Major performance and art upgrades
  • There is at this point a “town hall” construction that acts as a central location for resource and product storage, learning new plans, and viewing craftable home furniture
  • Implemented awesome keys for increased control over Axies and plots
  • Added a tutorial along with directions for controls plus hot keys
  • Chimera now spawn on the map

Now, Axies have their own particular inventories, which is a bit complicated. We’re thinking about solutions to this.

Battles V2

We’re presently working on a major upgrade towards the Axie battle system! Here is what we did this month:

  • Defined the particular mobile vs . desktop view
  • Added new assault animations
  • Ready for a release to the whole Sky Mavis team (~25 members).
  • Applied new card art
  • Added a new background picture
  • Started focus on a tutorial
  • Altered the layout for just how cards are shown within a hand
  • Additional talents — class-specific bonuses that can be personalized


Progress upon Ronin , our sidechain intended for Axie Infinity, continued this 30 days. Much of the progress is still around wallet development plus validator recruitment/education:

  • Progress on deal tracking for the Ronin wallet
  • Refined our budget feature wishlist
  • Improved validator on-boarding documentation
  • Implemented wallet signing.
  • Continued optimization in our block explorer

That’s it for the time being! See you in Discord!

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