NFT DIY – AvantGarde and AI-powered NFT

Hey Jules, exactly how did the idea for AvantGarde come about?

The AvantGarde project began back in 2017 as an test about machine learning picture processing, resulting in generative subjective art and unique principles. We started by producing an initial unique artwork selection based on users’ Twitter IDs. Additionally , we created a Twitter update bot that generated private pieces of art for each Twitter manage that followed our Tweets account. We intended to be familiar with value impact of a distinctive piece of AI art in the marketplace. Based on this concept, all of us decided to create an additional variety of art objects that would be created according to unique Ethereum finances addresses and would be struck as NFTs. This is how AvantGarde was born. Due to our purpose to go further in evaluating the value of these artworks, we all decided to make the tokens mintable and burnable.

How does AvantGarde run today? Who are the people at the rear of the technology?

The team is definitely multidisciplinary, consisting of complementary musicians such as painters, 2D/3D creative designers and music producers, designers such as blockchain developers, plus front-end developers. Our objective is to democratize blockchain technologies. Therefore , we aim to carry on our research and experimentations in such areas as AI (artificial intelligence), machine studying, blockchain, IPFS, token criteria (ERC721, ERC1155), smart agreements, proof of concept, demand and provide, and many more.

You launched your new photo gallery at Art Week this season. What can visitors expect?

Our photo gallery is not the usual type of photo gallery. It is an interactive area, an artwork exhibition exactly where users can mint their particular pieces of art. It’s best referred to as an art generator, where anybody can generate unique artwork pieces. Ultimately, visitors find a new type of artwork depending on deep learning. They can go to the space and generate a distinctive piece of art in the metaverse, gain access to the exclusive VIP membership area, and share with other users of the AvantGardist community. Making a place where we display our unique artworks plus gather the community has always been very important to us.

We asked all of our profiled Art Week performers what their dream electronic art exhibition would appear like. Which artists would function in yours?

Simply, the designer that we would feature can be our AI that is creating unique images.

And so what might the Avant Garde gallery/generator in Decentraland look like within five years’ time?

We want the area to become a melting pot, unifying people around innovation, artwork, and uniqueness concepts. Our own aspiration for the gallery would be to become a place of experimentation plus creation where new tasks will be featured. We will work together with artists and sponsor creative and innovative activities. Our aim was, is definitely, and always will be to provide, at all times, a novel encounter for our visitors linking artwork, blockchain, NFTs, and possibly concepts that don’t actually exist right now.

The AvantGarde NFT Gallery/Generator is now open in -46, -102

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