Merge Blocks 3D for BORA

ASMR dilemna: Shoot & Merge!

New type ASMR puzzle! Swipe & take block to merge along with same kind of block plus make bigger one. Clear your head and relax plus immerse yourself in the world of ASMR physics puzzles.

Customers who play MergeBlock THREE DIMENSIONAL for BORA can enjoy articles by changing BORA bridal party to SHELL tokens, the currency dedicated to the BORA platform.

Combine Blocks 3D is an easy, easy puzzle game that may be enjoyed by everyone within the family!

Exactly how high & bigger prevent can you make? Try it at the moment! ( HYPERLINK )


  • Swipe right and left to fire when released
  • When the same blocks are usually combined, it merges to some higher block
  • Combinations are activated when prevents are combined in sequence
  • A huge reward drops when you play high combos
  • Use products with amazing effects like magnets and bombs
  • Collect all the various block themes

※ This app is not accessible in South Korea

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