LOTTO: Fastest Growing Crypto Lottery

Certain games like Lotto never fail to draw in millions of participants. During peak jackpot prizes, the Powerball and Mega Millions see more than 150 million tickets sold for a single drawing. It is only natural that this type of dependable and profitable online game found its way into crypto.

While some other projects have attempted to master the game of lottery, the newly launched LOTTO appears to have found the perfect mix of simple, easy-to-use, and provably fair. Starting as an airdrop in January 2021 for DeFi investors, the token has grown quickly in value as well as popularity. Check the LOTTO Claim Page; you might already own some tokens.

The official Telegram channel is extremely busy, with more than 5,000 members. The LOTTO Twitter likewise sports several thousand followers currently. Given the communities’ quick growth, it does feel like the project is about to hit the tipping point, resulting in major growth.

The LOTTO Team

Usually, I love to cover the project first. But ,with LOTTO, I believe the most important aspect of the project is the team. It’s difficult to find projects outside the Top 100–200 on CoinMarketCap which have transparent teams with a pedigree of success in crypto.


Headed by Tyler Fallon , the co-founder of Upfiring, a smart contract peer-to-peer sharing platform. The platform incentivizes seeders to contribute to the network and, in return, earn crypto rewards. The project grew in popularity with a large number of users and remains actively used by a strong network of file-sharers.

The other half of the two-headed dragon that makes up the LOTTO team is Ian Arden . Having worked in tech and blockchain for a decade, he may be the busiest man in crypto when you look at his LinkedIn profile. However , you can tell he has spent a significant period building out the LOTTO smart contract. Contributing more than 30,000 lines of code from scratch.

Rounding out the LOTTO team is Ty Smith and Brandon Fallon . Both responsible for the marketing and growth of the Lotto community and ecosystem. Smith is the founder of , a full-service digital marketing company that helps crypto projects grow their brand awareness.

The LOTTO Token

As mentioned above, the LOTTO token and smart contract were a labor of love. Over 30,000 lines of custom-built code make up this unparalleled and exciting token. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the LOTTO team is already about to expand to the Binance Smart Chain to decrease transaction charges and increase availability to more crypto users.

With a maximum total supply of 2 Billion tokens, LOTTO has ample liquidity to aid a significant amount of growth whilst also providing its current holders with strong value gains. Originally an airdrop, LOTTO quickly rose to a price of USD 0.25 before settling into a solid support level of USD 0.10-0.15; a current market capitalization of USD 200–300 million. Given its application and value, LOTTO could easily find itself as a member of the Top 50 on CMC.

Currently, you can purchase LOTTO on Uniswap , HotBit , Catex , and Bilaxy .


The best feature of the entire project is the reason we are all here: the lotto. And the best part? You don’t have to do anything except own LOTTO tokens. The entire process is automated. Currently, drawings take place once a week, with plans to increase them to twice a week to increase the frequency of games.


Step 1. Buy Lotto. That’s it. For each drawing, 10 LOTTO (5 LOTTO when the project switches to twice a week), is automatically withdrawn from your balance and entered into the lottery. Sit back and enjoy the game.

Right after each drawing, the winning address is shared along with the amount of LOTTO they won. Given the current token worth, the last two winners have raked in almost USD 2,000 worth of LOTTO. And every week, these numbers continue to grow because new users join the game and the token grows in value.


The drawings are called using a simple ‘startGame()’ command by anyone on the contract. The LOTTO code is completely randomly, and the contract is immutable. The drawings and the smart contract will run forever, allowing the LOTTO project to grow into one of the biggest lotteries, not just in crypto but also in the world.

The Future

Speaking with the LOTTO team, there are plans to grow the platform’s primary feature and branch out to more codebases than just Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Everyone within crypto will be able to participate in LOTTO very soon.

LOTTO will eventually become an ecosystem of lottery-based games allowing token holders an opportunity to actively engage with the project or passively and automatically be entered to win the weekly lotteries.

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