LOTTO is the first decentralized lottery protocol in crypto,

LOTTO — Crypto’s First Decentralized Lottery Protocol

Out now upon ETH, and coming to Binance Smart Chain.

Simply get some LOTTO, hold, and wait.

Launched on February first, 2021, LOTTO became the very first ever protocol with a lottery mechanism built into the program code itself. To enter the lottery one need only hold LOTTO tokens in their ERC-20 suitable wallet. Every week, 10 bridal party are automatically deducted through each holder’s wallet as well as the lottery function randomly chooses one wallet which is granted to total bounty.

That’s right, every week 1 lucky LOTTO holder may potentially receive thousands of dollars worth associated with tokens. The more holders, more suitable the winnings. No bureaucracy and no regulatory body, only a truly revolutionary and decentralized lottery with no barriers regarding entry and limitless earnings potential.

Seems too good to be correct doesn’t it? Well, this gets better. I’ll explain.

Ethereum gas costs have had an undeniable impact on the market, but LOTTO will not require gas fees through the user to participate- basically hold and you’re within! Lotto is decentralized as well as for the people, and the team is definitely committed to making this revolutionary lottery model accessible to as much potential holders as possible. Being mindful of this we are pleased to announce these announcements.

  1. LOTTO is coming to Binance Smart Chain! What’s better is the valued ETH holders may have their BSC wallets immediately preloaded with an equivalent BEP-20 token balance.
  2. The particular team is switching through Provable to Chainlink designed for randomness, and for a more strong and reliable lottery system. Once this is complete, we are going to announce the BSC list date. People who have yet in order to claim their LOTTO through our website’s airdrop hyperlink will be able to claim on BSC as well.
  3. We are exploring deployment on additional chains such as Polkadot, AVAX, Solana, and Cardano when they are released.

At 5 days old, LOTTO is still an amazingly new project with a vibrant and disruptive outlook. Therefore, our brilliantly innovative group is currently hard at work organizing as many centralized exchange entries as possible ahead of the BSC start. In order to ensure the start makes as much noise as is possible we will also be engaging along with prominent influencers and Youtubers on marketing opportunities.

But don’t overlook the opportunity to be a part of a truly story project, get ahead of the game now.

DeFi Token holders (UNI, HYPERLINK, SNX, AAVE, etc), you are able to claim 400 LOTTO through the distribution airdrop here :

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Follow the LOTTO social networking channels to stay up-to-date around the airdrop, the start of the first lottery, and more. Specifically, follow our own Twitter, Telegram, and Medium pages. The rest of our social media marketing pages are below, plus we’d appreciate a stick to on those as well:

Website: lotto. finance

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