Is Atari The Next Great NFT Company? Logan Paul’s NFT Bondly

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With several cryptocurrency-related products planned, the classic video game company with brands like Pong, Asteroids, and Centipede may have the next big non-fungible token (NFT) offering.

Bondly Finance and Atari have announced a partnership on a new gaming platform combining NFTs. Bondly has launched NFTs for several well-known collaborators, including Logan Paul. “Overall, NFTs and digital collectibles will be the core component of the Atari Metaverse experience,” the company said. Atari coin ATRI/USD, Bondly coin and other major cryptocurrencies will be used to buy the NFTs.

As part of the Atari Metaverse, legacy gaming properties will be combined with current entertainment creators in music and gaming. The Atari Metaverse will allow creators to “mine” and “distribute” their own NFTs.

Atari Coin: Atari launched its own cryptocurrency, the Atari Token. Atari Chain, which is 50% owned by Atari, owns the coin. This coin uses Ethereum’s ETH/USD platform. By owning digital assets and issuing its own currency, Atari could succeed in the NFT and cryptocurrency markets.

Atari launches virtual sneakers, Vegas City casino & box art

Atari announced in November that it would launch NFTs on the Wax Blockchain with original Atari box art, capturing the golden age of classic video games. NFTs began to gain widespread popularity at the beginning of 2021 before this launch. RTFKT Studios partnered with Atari to release a digital sneaker collection. Six artists collaborated to design digital shoes that users could virtually try on using Snapchat, owned by Snap Inc.

As part of their partnership with Decentral Games, the owner of a crypto-based casino, Atari became a part of the Ethereum-based virtual world, “Vegas City.” Decentral Games is backed by Digital Currency Group, the parent company of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust GBTC. Liquid Media Group Ltd YVR CEO Ron Thomson recently discussed a partnership between his company and Atari on Benzinga’s “Power Hour.” Shares of Atari were down 0.85% to 81 cents at publication Wednesday.

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