Introducing Our Community Video Tutorials

Start browsing instructional movies for the SDK, created by the community, just for you!

We have said it before, plus we’ll say it once again: Decentraland is fundamentally a residential area driven project. We’re constructing an open, virtual world along with open source tools, therefore sharing and collaboration are in the very core of Decentraland’s values.

We are very happy to see this having shape through our local community generated tutorials, blog posts, plus meetups, as part of our bounty plan ! In the same nature as the Genesis Content Program , the Decentraland bounties are meant to help encourage growth, wedding, and collaboration within the local community.

Today, we’d like to draw your focus on some of the video tutorials that are being produced through this program.

Video Tutorials

Decentraland is a shared space, and want to make sure that everyone has the particular resources that they need to make the most of their particular LAND. In an effort to support that will initiative, we’ve been sponsoring a bounty for academic, video tutorials focused on teaching brand new users how to use the SDK .

We’ve already obtained several excellent submissions that will we’d like to highlight beneath. You can always find these lessons, and other great video articles, on this Youtube channel and in our documentation .

Building a Simple Online Scene

This is an excellent introductory video from Thomas that gets new customers up and running with the SDK. Stick to along with the tutorial to learn tips on how to create a very simple little picture in which users can simply click an entity causing this to rotate.

Incorporating Predefined Animations to a 3D Model

One of the benefits of the particular Decentraland SDK is the capability to download and use pre-built models and animations. Within this next tutorial, Ryan goes through how to download openly licensed models from Google Poly , with added animated graphics found on Mixamo !

Creating a Jukebox

For new programmers learning how to use the SDK, creating interactive content is an interesting milestone. In this tutorial, Computer chip shows how to create a songs jukebox that plays various songs when the user squeezes different buttons.

Creating an Artificially “Intelligent” Dog

As you get more experienced with the SDK, you will want to begin building more difficult entities. This tutorial through Nick demonstrates how to make a simple AI dog that will interacts with the user in various ways.

Have you been a developer with an appreciate for teaching? Want to assist grow the Decentraland neighborhood?

We have a few bounties open to get writing blog posts, organizing meetups, and giving talks about Decentraland. Soon, we’ll be increasing the bounties for tutorials and videos such as the ones featured above.

If you’re a developer, like using the SDK, and are thinking about creating a step-by-step guide, test scene, or a video guide, have a look at our bounty descriptions upon GitCoin! We’d love to hear from you!

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