Introducing LOTTO

The lottery that can’t be stopped. An immutable financial experiment that automatically enters all token holders into a daily token lottery.

What is LOTTO?

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Lotto is the first-ever digital rebase lottery on the Ethereum blockchain. Using a novel method of reallocating balances, the LOTTO token has been programmed to undergo a daily lottery once every 24 hours. At the moment, a pre-calculated amount (set to 1 LOTTO by default to start with) will be deducted from all users balances and placed into a virtual pool, a “drawing” will be executed, and the pool will be immediately merged with one LOTTO holder’s balance, who will be chosen mathematically at random. This all occurs without any interaction by users at all- you simply need to own the token! This will also be an interesting financial experiment of human nature. Once Lotto launches its first lottery, it cannot be stopped even by the Lotto team, and will continue operating daily lotteries as long as the Ethereum blockchain continues to propagate. To jump-start the lottery, we will be giving it out through airdrop 100% for free, if you have a Telegram account.

Instructions for participating in the airdrop, as well as more information on the project, can be found on the LOTTO

LOTTO Airdrop & Token Statistics

Airdrop Amount For Participants: 400 LOTTO

Total Supply: 2 billion LOTTO

Distribution Airdrop: 400,000,000 LOTTO
Incentivized Liquidity (Unicrypt, etc) 200,000,000 LOTTO
Marketing Campaigns/Airdrops: 200,000,000 LOTTO
Founders: 600,000,000 LOTTO (50% market cap releases, 50% vested* with 1 year cliff)
Cold Storage (Exchange Listings etc): 600,000,000 LOTTO

*Vested LOTTO will be distributed over 5 years using a vesting smart contract

Upfiring (UFR) Holders

Upfiring holders will be entitled to three times as much LOTTO via the initial airdrop as regular airdrop registrants. A snapshot of the Ethereum blockchain was taken on November 29th, 2020 at 3:20 AM EST and the balances of all UFR holders was recorded. The top 1000 UFR addresses by amount will be airdropped 2000 LOTTO each. UFR holders are also free to register for the airdrop as well as long as they use a separate ETH address from their UFR address, for a total of 2400 LOTTO.

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