Introducing LAND Estates

Group parcels of PROPERTY into Estates for simpler development and management

These days we are very excited to talk about our latest feature within the Decentraland Marketplace : LAND Estates !

We know that a lot of you own several adjacent parcels of PROPERTY, and we understand that it can be annoying to manage all of those parcels separately. Buying, selling, and searching for bigger plots within Genesis City hasn’t been simple, much less developing and implementing scenes that span a lot more than one parcel.

Therefore , we created Estates, that allows you to connect two or more packages of LAND directly with the Marketplace. In this first launch, you can only create, modify, transfer, and dissolve Locations. We will be adding the ability to purchase and sell Estates in the next release, in some weeks time!

Exactly what are Estates?

LAND Estates is a brand new feature in the Decentraland Market that makes it possible to connect two or more directly adjacent packages of LAND. These parcels must be straight adjacent, and cannot be divided by a road, plaza, or any type of other parcel.

Simply by connecting parcels into Properties, you can more easily manage your own larger LAND holdings. Locations are especially useful when developing larger scenes that period more than one parcel.

How do I use Estates?

To create your first Estate, you have to own two or more adjacent LAND parcels.

Create an Estate

Log into the particular Decentraland Marketplace plus navigate to the details page pertaining to any of the packages you want to use in your Estate.

Following, click Create Estate.

You may be shown a view from the Atlas centered on the package you selected, with the outstanding adjacent parcels you own outlined.

Simply pick the different parcels you want to use in your estate and click on Continue .

You can then get into a name and explanation for your Estate . This data will be publicly displayed within the Atlas, just like the name plus description for any individual package.

Once you’ve created your own Estate, you will see a new web page appear under your account entitled Estates . From this page you can view plus manage all of your Estates.

When you create a brand new Estate, you are effectively moving your parcels to a brand new token. These Estates are usually represented by ERC721 bridal party (like any other NFT). Which means that you will no longer see the person parcels under My Land, and they will not appear in MetaMask, Mist, Trezor, or Journal wallets, nor on Etherscan under your address.

You still own these parcels.

These are simply contained within a brand new token (the Estate which you created), which is what enables you to manage them as a group.

Transfer an Estate

To move an Estate to another consumer, simply navigate to the Estates web page in the Marketplace, and select the Property you want to transfer.

Next, enter the public deal with of the recipient.

Please double check this particular address, since you cannot terminate the operation.

Click Submit in order to transfer your Estate.

While the receiver could always transfer the particular Estate back to you, the original proprietor cannot reverse the motion, so please be sure that you happen to be sending your Estate towards the correct person.

Modify an Estate

You are able to edit an Estate simply by navigating to the Estate information page in the Marketplace and clicking on Edit .

You can change the title and description of your Property, in addition to removing or incorporating parcels to your Estate.

Don’t forget that there are a small transaction fee, known as a “gas fee”, to make this change, much like the charge charged when editing person parcels. This fee is needed to commit your change towards the Ethereum network — Decentraland doesn’t gather anything from these fees.

Dissolve an Estate

You can dissolve a good Estate by navigating towards the Estate details page, clicking on Edit Packages , then Dissolve Estate. If you’re sure you want to break down your Estate, click Confirm .

Dissolving a good Estate doesn’t change your person LAND parcels, it just removes the association of these LAND parcels with the Property. You will still own every parcel that was included in the Property, but they will no longer display content material deployed to the Estate

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