Illuvium Atlas Animal Attacks & Vapor Barrier Battle Powers Gameplay Guide | Illuviary Water Psion Class In DAO Crypto NFT Game

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There are times when a lull comes over the entire valley where the landlocked sea lies. The creatures nearby are more attracted to the windless lake when it’s like this. The trained eye can see smaller Illuvials dotting this serene landscape. If one is lucky, one may catch a glimpse of these creatures playing in the shallows, and even observe them venture into the shoreline. They always keep an eye on the gently lapping waves of the calm sea, so they can escape larger predators. You can find Atlas here, the disarmingly playful, docile-looking creature.

Illuviary Atlas Biology

Glossy, smooth, and cream coloration spotted with areas of bright blue. From its shield like face due to a wide neck frill, Atlas gazes with an almost earnest expression through dewy, oversized garnet eyes. The maroon spine sail down its back flaps up when it goes alert. In combat, Atlas puffs up, rearing on its hind legs, trying to look bigger. The observant Atlas scans the perimeter with its face tilting side-to-side as its head pans around, mouth open, tongue gently wagging.

Atlas’ connection to water is its most distinctive feature. Like a second skin, a thin layer of flowing water moves across the surface of its hide in rippling, overlapping streams. Atlas has a preternatural ability to manipulate water particles so that they can form a liquid barrier to dull or block attacks from enemies. It can also command water into projectiles that can pelt opponents.

Illuviary Atlas Affinity / Class

Water Psion

Atlas walking.

Illuviary Atlas Basic Attack

With its large, perceptive eyes, Atlas can easily track its opponents movement across the battlefield. Though not the quickest creature, it can dart forward forcefully, lunging as it bites using powerful jaw muscles and strong teeth. Atlas pecks to either the left or the right side.

Illuviary Atlas Critical Attack

Atlas has wide paws that end with sharp, claw-like nails. Though a relatively flat-padded extremity, it uses its forepaws to slash at enemies in an effort to defend itself, while its offensive move is to deliver a more vicious bite by rearing up on its hind legs. From this upright position, it aims higher to critically injure a more vital part of its enemy’s body: head, throat, chest.

Illuviary Atlas Ultimate Ability — Vapor Barrier

Vigorously shaking its head, a luminous shield of water forms around Atlas’ face. This aquatic face shield both restores Atlas’ vitality to give it a second wind in battle, and also absorbs enemy damage.

Atlas fainting.

Illuviary Atlas Key Attributes

  • Armour
  • Ability Power
  • Health

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