Illuviary: 013 Dash

With a seemingly commendable quality, Dash has an organic guardian stance.

A barren and unfavorable terrain, it makes one anxious to see the bleak landscape of the “Crimson Waste. ” The endless blood-red dunes associated with hot sand undulate to the horizon. Chemical scans demonstrated a toxicity seems to increase even from the rocks. The particular further one goes in, the greater the unbearable swings associated with extreme temperatures make the trip feel nearly impossible to complete sometimes. As hostile as this atmosphere seems, a boisterous plus friendly creature darts close to with such speed it becomes impossible to track.

Production Notice: These incredible shots associated with Dash are in-game pictures. Dash was groomed simply by our new Technical Director/Groom Artist Yannick Vincent. Skilled in the film industry, Yannick takes advantage of Unreal Engine 4’s new hair and bridegroom system to make these Splash fur grooms the latest and many advanced possible.


Sleek and supernaturally fleet-footed, the uncanny speedster flits around the battle becoming untargetable for brief moments, the antenna whipping around excitedly. The antenna is an interested anatomical manifestation of its amazing instincts and heightened awareness. Both this mysterious water antenna protrusion, and its end, have baby blue pigmentation. Sapphire blue hunter’s eye, another feature denoting the watery affinity, and the method it scans the scenery, hints at a high level of cleverness. Ivory cuffs on the shoulders and bony spines down its sides provide extra enamelized protection.

Two Dashes emerging from the shadows using their perceptive, glowing eyes. In-game shot.

Appreciation / Class

Drinking water Rogue

Simple Attack

Splash swipes with its paws, uncovering claws made out of thin aircraft of water.

Essential Attack

Coursing with watery current, Splash flings its antennae just like a whip, using tremendous power to deal bonus damage.

Ultimate Ability — Wraithstrike

Dash becomes briefly untargetable as it disintegrates straight into water vapor, then leaps across the battlefield, striking away against multiple foes.

Key Attributes

Attack Speed

In-game shot of Dashes standing up sentinal in silhouette.

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